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Winter Carnival organized in Pahalgam, aims to promote tourism



Winter Carnival organized in Pahalgam, aims to promote tourism

To promote tourism during the Corona period, a 2-day Winter Carnival has been organized in Pahalgam, Jammu and Kashmir. Through this event, an attempt has been made to promote tourism even in winter.

Pahalgam Winter Carnival

A two-day winter carnival has been organized to promote tourism in Kashmir. Carnival has been started in the famous resort of Pahalgam in Jammu and Kashmir. In this carnival, efforts have been made to promote cultural programs, arts and crafts especially here. Apart from this, live painting and calligraphy in Carnival has been exhibited by enthusiasts and professionals. This carnival is organized by the Tourism Directorate of Kashmir.

Carnival is inaugurated by GN Itu, director of Kashmir Tourism. The spokesman said that famous artists performed on cultural songs. Local people and tourists took part in the program, Tanga Ride, Adventures Sports and other activities. Because of which the festival was the center of attraction.

He said that Carnival is being organized to revive the tourism sector which has been affected due to Corona. It has also been done to promote the popular resort in the winter season. He further said that the craftsmanship, handicrafts, food of the surrounding village have been shown in Carnival.

The spokesman said that hundreds of tourists who are spending holidays in Pahalgam have participated in this festival. Itu said about Carnival that there is a small step from our department to make Pahalgam a favorite destination of tourist in winter season. Through this event, tourists will be able to get information about the rural area.

He said, tourists especially Pahalgam come to visit in summer but we want to invite tourists to Pahalgam even in winter months, which looks very beautiful during snowfall. However, Gulmarg ski resort is most sought after during the winter months. This event will attract travelers from all over the country to come to Pahalgam during these months.

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