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Why women want small breasts now



Why women want small breasts now

Better more, less

The trend towards naturalness, which is gaining strength every year in the beauty industry, has now reached such a delicate topic as breast size and shape. Deliberately large shapes made with round implants are no longer inspiring, and both women and men. However, mammoplasty continues to be among the top 5 most popular corrections today. What do the visitors of aesthetic surgery clinics ask about? Plastic surgeon Dmitry Saratovtsev told about this “MK”.

The canons of female beauty change with each era, and what was a symbol of sexuality twenty years ago, in the early 2000s, today has become bad manners. In recent years, people increasingly appreciate the natural beauty of the female body, praised by the best masters of sculpture and painting from antiquity to the Renaissance. Remember the same ancient Greek figures – their breasts are larger than size 2, or B, and cannot be found. And the ancient masters knew a lot about beauty – they developed the basic canons, including the “golden ratio”. Therefore, the current process in society can be safely called a return to the origins. And this is good news.

Moreover, all ladies have a different shape and size of the mammary glands by nature. Someone from birth has a breast of the so-called zero size, and someone after puberty lives with a 4-5th size. “It is clear that girls from the first category cannot want to make their breasts even smaller, quite the opposite – they come to the surgeon to enlarge it by one, two, or even three sizes. And this is all individual and depends on a number of factors – from physiological capabilities to stereotypes that have formed in the head, ”says Dr. Saratovtsev.

Ideally, the most correct approach is to ask the doctor to create the breast that will best fit the overall constitution of the body, the structure of the chest – so that everything looks harmonious and combined with each other.

But the request for reduction comes from those whom nature has endowed in this regard more than generously. For a number of factors, initially beautiful, lush breasts can undergo ptosis, for example, after pregnancy and breastfeeding – during this period it usually increases significantly in size, and after the volume and elasticity of the skin and glandular tissue go away. And instead of a beautiful “standing” “two” or “three”, the patient has sagging tissues that cause only a sigh of sadness about the former beauty. “In this case, the surgeon will have to work not only on reducing the size through excision of the stretched skin flap, but also on creating a beautiful shape,” the expert continues.

A request to reduce the size of the mammary glands can also come from those girls who, having small breasts by nature, have previously installed oversized implants. In fact, this “beauty” can be very uncomfortable. Heavy, large mammary glands often give back pain, which is experiencing increased stress. And this is not the only health problem arising from a similar cause. Sports activities, especially running, become a separate challenge for such busty ladies.

In addition, large endoprostheses installed in youth can negatively affect the breastfeeding process. All this prompts the patients to lie down again on the table to the surgeon so that he can return the “native” breast or make it several sizes smaller.

Gigantomastia – another category of women turns to specialists with this problem, and there are many of them. This is a congenital pathology, when the mammary glands are initially unacceptably large in size – more than 6-8. And this greatly interferes with the patients, spoils their quality of life, entails many psychological problems. The load on the spine, shoulders (usually women cannot walk without specially selected or tailor-made underwear) leads to persistent pain syndrome. The straps of linen cut into the skin, as a result, every day the unfortunate “carriers” of such a bust suffer.

And if we add here and hygienic problems – skin rubbing under the breast, in the folds, high sweating – all this gives an unpleasant odor, due to the fact that pathogenic microorganisms are formed in this zone. Pleasant little!

Only surgery can help these women, and there are not so many methods here: this is primarily a reduction mammoplasty, which is combined with tissue tightening. After all, the breast needs not only to be reduced, it is important that it looks beautiful afterwards. “But there are high risks here, and all steps must be discussed with the patient in order to maintain the sensitivity of the tissues of the complex, possibly even through a free transplant,” says Dmitry Saratovtsev.

Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” No. 28484 of February 24, 2021

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Better more, less