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Why is this injustice done by ‘God’ of unclaimed dead bodies, your heart will also cry …



Why is this injustice done by 'God' of unclaimed dead bodies, your heart will also cry ...


  • Mohammad Sharif used to run a bicycle repair shop under a tin shed in Ayodhya
  • Even in poverty, unclaimed dead bodies were cremated
  • More than 25000 unclaimed dead bodies cremated, now counting last breaths
  • Padma award was announced but could not be found, one day spent in Muflissi
  • Sharif Chacha, who is in debt, does not even have money for treatment

The entire country knows 83-year-old Mohammad Sharif of Faizabad. He has cremated over 25,000 unclaimed dead bodies so far. No one knew him until a year ago, but his good works reached the slogan of being Padma Awardee. Mohammad Sharif living in a two-room rented house is on the bed. He is very sick. Surprisingly, he has not received the Padma Award given to him till date.

It was more than a year after he was awarded the Padma Award on Republic Day and Sharif Chacha received neither a medal nor a citation. His family says that he is longing to get a glimpse of the medal and that he should not take this desire and leave this world.

There is no money to buy medicine
His family does not even have that much money to treat him or buy medicines for him. People call Mohammad Sharif living in the mohalla Khirki Ali Beg of Ayodhya as Sharif Chacha. He lay on the bed unconscious.

He does not even remember that he used to walk the unmarked dead bodies on his shoulder for miles and take them to the cemetery and bury them. He does not even remember that he was announced the Padma Award last year.

Cycle repair shop used to run in tin shed
Sharif Chacha ran a cycle repair shop, which was under a tin shed. She is now locked up. He lives at the house of a local Waqf member. His 15-year-old granddaughter, Ayesha, said that her liver and kidneys have worsened.

The 76-year-old’s wife, Bibbi, said, “We have a lot of debt.” The local moneylender and drugstore owes thousands of rupees. My husband has not yet received the Padma Award, as the award ceremony was postponed due to Corona epidemic and lockdown. ‘

Borrow was booked for train tickets but ….
Speaking to TOI, his son, Mohammad Sagir, said, ‘On 31 January last year, we received a letter from the Union Ministry of Home Affairs informing us about Padmashri, I wished my father. When we got a call from Delhi, we were requested to receive the award from Rashtrapati Bhavan. My father borrowed Rs 2,500 from a local moneylender and booked a train ticket. At the last moment we were informed of the cancellation of this program due to the epidemic. We have not been able to refund even the money we had taken for the train ticket. Sagir is a driver by profession and somehow it is difficult for the householders to get bread for two times.

MP Lallu Singh said – will help

When associate newspaper Times of India asked Faizabad BJP MP Lallu Singh, he said- ‘I did not know that he has not received the Padma Award. I will raise money for his treatment. ‘

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