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Why change China’s tone for India, what can be done again on the lurking dragon …



Why change the tone of China for India, what can be done to trust the fluttering dragon?

These notes of China have not changed for the first time and now Beijing has changed when it has become tainted in the world as a Corona Villain and has been beaten by the Indian Army’s valor in East Ladakh. But can China be trusted again?

China is recalling its troops and in the meantime news is coming that India may also approve some of the FDI proposals of China, but whether China can be trusted again. is? It was the month of September 2014, when India was called by the Chinese President Xi Jinping (Xi Jinping) Was swinged in Ahmedabad. The new Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government had reposed trust in its neighboring country, under the guise of which Xi Jinping had dagged several times in the back of India, most of which was broken in eastern Ladakh.

After nine months of fighting, the forces of India and China from eastern Ladakh are retreating and are returning to their base. Amidst the vacant border, there is news that Chinese President Xi Jinping can come to India on the occasion of the conference of BRICS countries after a few months. On Monday, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Ben Bin supported the convening of the BRICS conference in India and said, “We will improve dialogue and cooperation with India and other member countries.” BRICS will strengthen economic, political, security and cultural exchanges with countries. “

For the first time, these notes of China have not changed

It is also being claimed that China is also supporting India to be made the chairman of BRICS, but the special thing is that these notes of China have not changed for the first time and now Beijing has changed when it is Corona Villain. It has become tainted in the world and has been beaten by the bravery of the Indian Army in eastern Ladakh. Now the question arises whether China can be trusted once again? Defense expert General Rajan Kochhar says that China cannot be trusted as far as trust is concerned. Actually, the holding of BRICS in India or becoming the chairman of India is not dependent on the mercy of China, understand this from the whole organization-

India has to become the chairman of BRICS according to the turn

BRICS is an organization of five countries – Republic of Brazil, Russian Federation, Republic of India, People’s Republic of China, Republic of South Africa. The BRICS website does not explain how the chairman is elected, but the list of chairmen states that after being elected as chairman for 11 months in 2016, India handed over the chairmanship to China in 2017 and that was for a year. Subsequently, it was handed over to South Africa, Brazil and Russia. That is, according to the turn, it is still India’s turn. The BRICS website also says that India has hosted it in the years 2013 and 2016 as well.

China is trying to win the trust of the world

The reality is that China is all-round. On the one hand, the US has imposed many kinds of restrictions and some countries involved in BRICS are raising their finger only if China is involved in BRICS. In such a situation, the maneuvers of China are coming to the fore. In order to win the trust of the world again, Xi Jinping has started manipulating.

China has already been infamous for saluting slicing, but China’s expansionism in eastern Ladakh wanted to take such a big step that it could not digest. Recently, we showed you videos of Chinese soldiers returning from Ladakh. Lines of their tanks were seen returning home, but China’s neck is still stuck in Ladakh. Right now India is in a better position than China, but there are four points from where script is now being written to take back China.

Chinese soldiers are exhausted physically and mentally

Now tell you the inside story of 16 hour long marathon meeting between India and China. Neither the preparation of the dragon worked nor the plot for about a year. The Indian country of the 21st century defeated every maneuver in China. First the Chinese Army retreated from the Finger Area in the Pangong Tso area of ​​Ladakh and then evacuated the Mansarovar Range in the south and moved to the position in April 2020.

According to sources, during the disengagement process, Chinese commanders were seen running in haste and panting badly. In the conversation also, the local commanders of China admitted that their soldiers in Ladakh are physically and mentally exhausted. Apart from this, many Chinese soldiers have also died in High Altitude. At the same time, there was no loss to the Indian Army in the last 10 months. All the protocols of high altitude were followed to Indian soldiers.

India wants to exclude China from some other point

But after Pangong’s Finger Area is vacated, India now wants China out of a few more points in Ladakh, which is why a 16-hour marathon meeting between India and China took place on 20 February on the Moldo border, in the first two hours. There was a discussion about the disengagement of the first phase. Both countries showed their maps and photos to each other. After this there was talk on further disengagement. India raised the issue of China’s movement in the Depsang area. Apart from this, the forces of both the countries were asked to move at a reasonable distance from Hot Spring and Gogra Post.

China proposed these proposals during the 16-hour meeting

India also raised the issue of Demchok, where recently some new tents and communication towers were installed by China. During the 16-hour meeting, China proposed that a no-patrolling zone be made in the Depsang area or limited petroling of both countries. Apart from this, China has assured India that its soldiers will take care of all protocols. That means in 10 months, all the arrogance of China went out. There is no street of dragon pulse in Ladakh. The whole fight went out of his hand. At the same time, India responded to Beijing in the same style and now during disengagement, India’s position is better than China.

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