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Whether bleeding or spotting is normal during pregnancy, know here about it …



Whether bleeding or spotting is normal during pregnancy, know about it here ...!

During pregnancy, a little bleeding in the first quarter is not dangerous, but in the second and third quarters, it can be a sign of miscarriage or any other problem.

Some women have bleeding problems during pregnancy. Many times women come under tension with this. But experts believe that if a little bit of bleeding occurs in the initial period of pregnancy then there is no need to panic. This is a normal situation.

But if bleeding is happening in the second or third trimester then it can be a sign of some complication. Although the problem of bleeding should occur in any quarter, the expert must be told about it, so that the situation can be handled in time. Know all the important things related to bleeding during pregnancy.

These may be the reasons

1. When the fetus is implanted in the woman’s womb, light bleeding occurs at times. However, considering it as a female period, they do not pay much attention. This bleeding can last for two to three days.

2. Internal parts of the body are very sensitive. In such a situation, light spots also occur due to vaginal infection.

3. Sometimes it becomes unsafe to have sex during pregnancy, in which case the woman may suffer bleeding.

4. Many times the child does not reach the right place and reaches the fallopian tube. This situation can be very painful for a woman. In this, the woman may also have lower abdominal pain with bleeding.

keep in mind

Spotting during pregnancy is not dangerous, but bleeding can be a sign of danger during this time. Bleeding also occurs in the event of miscarriage. Therefore, if you have bleeding or spots in any kind of situation, please consult a specialist. So that the danger can be dealt with in time. In most miscarriage conditions, cramping with bleeding or spotting also occurs. Usually, most cases of miscarriage occur in the 14th week.

If the problem of bleeding is due to normal then…

Take rest
Drink plenty of water
Eat iron items
Take prescription drugs.
Avoid lifting heavy luggage and climbing stairs.

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