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What kind of ‘mustache’ fight between 2 departments in Ghaziabad, dense all around …



What kind of 'mustache' fight between 2 departments in Ghaziabad, dense all around ...


  • In this area of ​​Ghaziabad, there are 4 societies, more than 3 thousand people live in them, but not a single street light on the street
  • As the evening falls, the whole area is immersed in darkness…. Many incidents of loot, kidnapping, murder, molestation have taken place in this area.
  • Municipal corporation is giving notice to residents for house tax and asking them to go to GDA shelter for facilities

Akhand Pratap Singh, Ghaziabad
This is the road of the Smart City Ghaziabad in UP. There are 4 societies around here. More than 3 thousand people live in them. But, there is not a single street light on the road. The entire area sinks in darkness as evening falls. There have been many incidents of robbery, kidnapping, murder, molestation. This darkness on the streets is due to the fight of the two departments of the mustache.

The Municipal Corporation is giving notice to the residents for house tax and asking them to go to the GDA shelter for the facilities. After the evening, women are also afraid to leave the house. Despite this, its Women’s Safety Cell is also silent.

Residents complained many times
There is not a single street light on the road of Officers City, Ajnara Integrity, Gaur Cascade Society in Rajnagar Extension. Moving from here to the Brave Heart Society, it remains dark. Street lights do not burn here either. The lights of the vehicles light up here. More than 3 thousand people live in all the four societies.

The team arrives as soon as they get complaints of a street light malfunction. It is our responsibility to fix the main street lights of Rajnagar Extension, but the internal roads are not in our area. If the lights in our area are bad then it will be rectified immediately.

Manoj Prabhat, Executive Engineer (Street Light)

Residents complained about this many times. When I went to the Municipal Corporation, I was asked to go to the GDA. When reached with the complaint in GDA, the responsibility of Municipal Corporation was told. The Municipal Corporation is sending a notice for house tax here. But, the GDA is reporting the responsibility of the facilities.

People come and go till late night
Many people living in societies work in other cities including Delhi, Noida. They have to go home till late night. Because of the darkness, many women do not leave the house after evening, but the employed people have to travel with their lives on their palm.

Many incidents of kidnapping, robbery, murder, molestation have taken place in this area, yet light is not being arranged.

How will CM’s Safe City project be completed in this way
Preparations are on to make Ghaziabad a safe city on the instructions of CM Yogi Adityanath. 17 cities of the state have been included in this project. There is a plan to spend 200 crores under this.

Under this, there is a directive to keep street lights, cameras, safety of women, pink toilet etc. in priority. People are raising the question that when the street lights could not be arranged, then how would we be able to provide other facilities?

GDA and corporation are responsible
Rajnagar Extension is a private colony. In this, the Municipal Corporation is responsible for the street lights on the main road. The GDA is responsible for the maintenance of internal roads. GDA Executive Engineer Anil Kumar says that the street lights burn on the internal roads. Occasionally, there may have been a problem when some fault occurred.

‘Complaint is not heard’
Pravinder Chaudhary, who lives in Rajnagar Extension, says that the officials of the corporation do not delay in sending the notice of house tax, but do not pay attention if a complaint is made to fix the street and street lights.

Rajnagar Extension RWA President Gajendra Arya says that sometimes the road here is bad, sometimes the street light. There is also no hearing on complaining.

Number issued for complaint
The Municipal Corporation has issued helpline number 8178016810 for the complaint of street lights. A complaint can be lodged here on any working day. Apart from this, a complaint can also be made to the lighting inspector of each zone.

– Mohan Nagar, Tarannum Naqvi, Mobile Number 8178016850
– City Zone, Pradeep Kumar, Mobile Number 8178016903
– Vijay Nagar, Naresh Kumar, Mobile Number 8178016849
– Vasundhara, Raj Kishore, Mobile Number 8178016902
– Kavinagar, Vishvabar Dayal, Mobile number 8178016851

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