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West Bengal Election Survey: Who will form Mamata or BJP government in Bengal? Learn …





  • According to C Voter, 43 percent people expected to form BJP government
  • As a CM, 53 percent people said that Mamta was the best
  • BJP seats increase, but the party will stay away from Shah’s 200 figures

New Delhi
Different estimates are being expressed in two election surveys about West Bengal. In the CNX survey, Mamta Banerjee is returning once again in West Bengal. At the same time, according to the survey of C-Voter, it is estimated that a BJP government will be formed in the state. In the CNX survey, Mamata Banerjee’s party Trinamool Congress (TMC) has been projected to get 151 seats out of 294 seats. According to the survey, 117 seats are visible in BJP’s account. The Left and Congress account is expected to get 24 seats.

TMC will dominate in South Bengal
According to the CNX survey, TMC still dominates in South Bengal. In the survey, the party seems to get 53 seats out of 84. BJP has been projected to get 16 seats. This opinion poll for ABP News has been done by CNX, a research and survey agency in Delhi. In the survey of 112 seats in 294 seats of West Bengal, 8960 people have been talked in this survey. The survey was conducted between 23 January and 7 February.

43 percent believe BJP will form government
According to the C-Voter survey, BJP government seems to be forming in the state. 43% of the people in the survey believe that a BJP government can be formed in the state. At the same time, 35 percent people believe that Mamta Banerjee’s TMC can form the government once again in the state. There are 14 per cent people who believe that the Left and Congress can form a government in the state. At the same time, 2 percent people have expressed the hope of a hung assembly in the state.

2Shocks TMC compared to 016
According to the CNX survey, Mamta’s party TMC is seen as a heavy blow compared to 2019. The party seems to be suffering a big loss in North Bengal. The BJP seems to be getting great success in this area. Out of 56 seats in North Bengal, BJP is projected to get 32 ​​seats. At the same time, TMC may have to be satisfied with only 15 seats. The Left and Congress can get 7 seats. Others are expected to account for 2 seats.

TMC will dominate in Kolkata
According to the survey, TMC will continue to dominate Kolkata. The Greater Kolkata Party is projected to get 26 out of 35 seats. BJP will have to be satisfied with only 9 seats here. The account of others with the Left and Congress is also not expected to open here. Combat is expected to remain at par in South West Kolkata. Of the 119 seats here, TMC is expected to get 57 seats and BJP 60 seats. The Left and Congress are likely to get just 2 seats here.

Mamta is the first choice as Chief Minister
In the poll of C voters, even though people are talking about the formation of BJP government, Mamata Banerjee is the first choice of the people as the Chief Minister. 52 per cent of the people in the state believe that Mamta Banerjee is the best candidate for the post of CM. At the same time, Dilip Ghosh of BJP is in second place with 25 per cent people choice. Adhir Ranjan Chaudhary has been made a better candidate for the post of CM by 2 per cent. Surprisingly, in the survey, Bengal tiger Sourav Ganguly has become the choice of 4 percent people as a better CM candidate.

Talked to 7527 people in the survey
The survey of Sea Voters for ABP News has been done on the basis of telephone conversations. The survey has spoken to 7527 people. The survey was conducted till 14 February. Apart from this, Sea Voters also conducted a weekly snap poll in which 2811 people were interviewed.

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