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Village Development Officers performed a sacrificial fire in the Satyagraha movement



Village Development Officers performed a sacrificial fire in the Satyagraha movement

In connection with the Satyagraha movement on the call of the State of Rajasthan Village Development Officers Association, the Village Development Officers performed a Saduddhi Yajna in the Panchayat Samiti premises.

Niwai. On the call of the Rajasthan Gram Vikas Adhikari Sangh for the Satyagraha movement, the village development officers led by Block President Vinod Kumar Jain performed a sadhudya sacrifice on Saturday in Panchayat Samiti premises on the demands. Village Development Officer Association President Vinod Kumar Jain said that Satyagraha Yagya was organized and budget session through Satyagraha movement to remove the salary discrepancy of the Village Development Officer cadre, recruitment on vacant posts, time-bound promotion and various demands of demand letter. During the Satyagraha Yagya will be organized on the Vidhan Sabha by 8000 village development officers of all Panchayat Samitis of the state. He said that the village development officers will not disrupt the work of the public on the Satyagraha movement nor stop government work.

On this occasion, all village development officers including District Organization Minister Rambabu Sharma, Vice President Siyaram Meena, Treasurer Chiranjilal Saini, Organization Minister Vijay Singh, Vinod Paridwal, Umashankar Gupta, Ladulal Bairwa, Naresh Sharma, Ramesh Chandi Chhanchi offered prayers in the Havan with chanting.

Todara Singh. In the Panchayat Samiti campus here, the Rajasthan Village Development Officer Association branch Todara Singh on Saturday performed a goodwill sacrifice under the Satyagraha movement to remove the salary discrepancy, including the recruitment of vacant posts. Village during the Yajna led by Tehsil Union President Agar Singh
Development officers Hansraj Dhakad, Puran Mal Saxaina, Mohan Rajora etc. were present.



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