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Valentine’s Day 2021: Love stories related to many tourist places of Jharkhand …



Valentine's Day 2021: Love stories related to many tourist places of Jharkhand ...


  • Many immortal love stories have resonated in the fijas of Jharkhand for years.
  • There are many tourist places in the state that are associated with love stories
  • Baijal’s love echoed till England

Ravi Sinha, Ranchi
Love stories are being remembered in the country and world on Valentine’s Day, many immortal love stories have been echoing in the Fijas of Jharkhand for years. There are many such tourist places in the state, which love stories related to them are discussed far and wide. Let’s know about these stories on Valentine’s Day

Unfinished love story of Anger officer’s daughter and shepherd in Netarhat
Tourists from different parts of the state come to visit other states and also from abroad in the famous Netarhat of Jharkhand. The unfinished love story of a shepherd is still discussed in this area. Apart from these beautiful views of Netarhat, here is a living example of the incomplete love story of the daughter and shepherd of an English officer. Here the statue of the English officer’s daughter and the shepherd, symbol of the love story, is also installed, which testifies to the love story of both. It is said that an English officer loved Netarhat, he came to visit the family Netarhat and lived there, he had a daughter, her name was Magnolia. There was a shepherd in the village, who used to come daily near Sunset Point and graze his cattle. He would often sit at Sunset Point while grazing cattle, after which he played a flute in Mathur’s voice, which was discussed in many nearby villages.

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This melodious voice of the flute touched Magnolia’s heart and made her mad, the two often met and became close to each other. But Magnolia’s father became aware of the British officer, he first explained to the shepherd and advised him to stay away from Magnolia, but the British officer got the shepherd killed when he refused. When Magnolia came to know of this, she came to Sunset Point with the horse hurt by the death of the shepherd and jumped from the mountain with the horse, which led to her death. The stone still exists in Netarhat, where the shepherd used to play the flute. The administration has installed the statue of Magnolia and the shepherd there, people come from every corner of India to see this incomplete love story.

Even today in Dasam Fall, the rhythm of the chala’s mandar and the sound of the bass are heard.
The villagers of the area still get emotional today, telling the immortal love story of Chaila Sandu and Bindi, who live near Dasham Fall, about 40 km from the capital Ranchi. The love story of the year-old Chhaila-Bindi is amazing. Chhaila was a resident of Bagura Padi village in Tamar and he loved Bindi living in Pak Sakram village. Chhala had to cross the tenth fall to meet his girlfriend, he used to go to meet the girlfriend everyday with flute in hand, mandar in neck and cock on shoulder. He used to cross the tenth fall with the hanging vines. When the people of the village came to know about this, both of them made a separate plan, the villagers cut the creeper, due to which, as soon as the Chala started crossing the fall, the creeper broke and he got caught in the fall. The people of the village say that even today the rhythm of the chala sandu’s mandar and the sound of the flute are heard in Dasham Fall.

Cuckoo and Karo’s love story still discussed today
The love story of cuckoo and caro in Daltenganj and the surrounding area is still heard and told today. The daughter of the erstwhile Munda king, Koyal often used to hide from her father in search of a snake, according to the love story, he finds Karo, the serpent god one day in the forest, and the two fall in love. After which both often meet. When the Munda king discovers this, they drive the cuckoo away from the forest, later transformed into divine river by the cuckoo, and this love story becomes immortal.

Baijal’s love echoed till England
The village of Sundarpahadi block in Godda district is known for its Kalhazhor Veer Baijal Soren. Baijal Baba used to play flute while grazing cattle in Sundarpahari. Once the moneylender took the village cattle hostage. Baijal Soren cut the moneylender’s head and hung it on the mountain. The British arrested Baijal and sentenced him to death. Before the execution, he played the flute, which could not be detected at the time of hearing and the stipulated time had passed. Hearing the flute, the English officer’s daughter fell in love with him. She later took Baijal with her to England.

Five sisters love story is related to Panchgagh waterfall
The Panchgagh waterfall in Khunti district is also counted as one of the major tourist destinations of the state. There is also a love story behind it. The five streams flowing from the Panchgagh Falls symbolize the ultimate determination of the five sisters, it is not about living life together, but of giving life together. It is believed that five sisters lived in Khunti village, who fell in love with the same man. When the real sisters came to know of their betrayal, it was late. Due to unsuccessful love, the five sisters jumped into the river and gave their lives. It is believed that since then the waterfall has been divided into five parts and even today they are different.