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VACCINE DIPLOMACY: How India overtook countries like China and USA



VACCINE DIPLOMACY: How India overtook countries like China and USA

So at the forefront

– Preparation to help Latin American, Caribbean, African countries also

– Has shipped more than 20 million vaccines to 23 countries of the world
– Has given more than 68 lakh vaccines to poor countries
– Plan to give Corona vaccine to 49 more poor countries for free

New Delhi. India has overtaken countries like China and USA in the war against the Corona epidemic. The vaccine has emerged as the strongest country in the world under diplomacy. While China is trying to sell its vaccine, India is also providing grants and gifts as per demand and requirement as per the strategy. So far, vaccines have been sent to neighboring countries Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Seychelles and Maldives. ४ There are plans to provide free vaccines to poor countries. It also includes several Latin American states.

Free vaccine to 14 neighboring and poor countries
It has already provided 68 lakh corona vaccine supplements to 14 neighboring and poor countries. It is being praised all over the world.
Country grant
Bangladesh – 20 Lakhs
Myanmar-20 lakhs
Nepal – 10 Lakh
Sri Lanka-05 Lakh
Afghanistan – 05 Lakh
Bhutan – 1.5 Lakh
Maldives-01 Lakh
Mauritius -01 Lakh
Barbados-01 Lakh
Bahrain-01 Lakh
Oman-01 lakh
Dominica – 70 thousand
Seychelles – 50 thousand
Dominican Republic-30 thousand
Business too with help
Country sold
Bangladesh – 50 Lakh
Brazil – 20 Lakhs
Nepal-20 Lakh
Morocco – 20 Lakh
D. Africa – 10 Lakhs
Kuwait-02 Lakh
United Arab Emirates -02 Lakh
Egypt – 50 thousand
Algeria – 50 thousand

What strategy next
According to the plan of the Ministry of External Affairs, the government is preparing to supply free vaccine to 49 countries including Latin America, Caribbean countries, Asia and the continent of Africa. Apart from this, United Nations has promised to give 2 lakh vaccine as gift for peace mission.

Praise of India around the world
India has emerged as the leader in the race for vaccine diplomacy. It has exported three times more vaccines than the number of vaccines fixed for its citizens.

Why Vaccine Diplomacy?
1- Beat China’s Sailing and Economic Policy
2- Strengthen friendly relations with our neighbors
3- Helping oil producing countries, better than China-USA
4- Giving the message of Make in India i.e. New India to the whole world