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Uttarakhand Glacier Burst: Another lake may rise above Raini village, the water level of the river …



Raini Village


  • Another lake may be located above the village of Raini in Chamoli
  • Experts raised possibility of sudden increase in river water
  • No rain, no snow, sudden water surge became a mystery

After the disaster in Uttarakhand’s Chamoli district, everything is not normal yet. After the sudden rise in the water level of the Rishiganga river on Thursday, experts are raising the possibility that there may be another lake above the village of Raini. However, this cannot be clearly said now. It is likely that this water may have come from the same lake into the river.

According to scientists, it is possible that Raini has again become another lake over the village. During this time there has been neither rain nor snow in that area. In such a situation, it is difficult to say clearly. For scientists, so much water that came at the time of the disaster remained a puzzle for a few hours later. According to Wadia Institute experts, our team is still on the scene. We are investigating all possibilities. So far there is a possibility that another lake exists, due to which this water has come into the river.

How did the glacier break down?
According to Dr. Santosh Rai, Senior Scientist, Glaciology Aid Hydrology of Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology, three causes of Chamoli disaster are coming out. Some part of the glacier collapsed from a height of over 6000. Apart from this, the satellite image showed that there was less snow here on February 2. But on February 5, there was more snow.

The accident took place on February 7. In such a situation, due to the weight and gravity of the ice, the glacier would have broken and dropped. However, ice cannot melt so quickly, but due to friction it will melt quite rapidly. This must have melted the water and came down for two kilometers. A third aspect is that some glacier lakes are in these places, but this is less confirmed.

Large number of cold water fish died
Not only human lives were lost in the disaster, but also water-dwelling species have died. Cold water fishes found in Dhauliganga, Rishi Ganga, Alaknanda have also died in large numbers due to the disaster. According to the Wildlife Institute of India, the impact of the disaster caused a huge stir in the rivers Rishi Ganga, Dhauliganga and Alaknanda. This broke the lateral line of the fish. Lateral lines of fish are very sensitive and fish maintain their balance under water through this line.

At the same time, after natural disasters, massive debris also comes in the rivers. Fishes found in the Himalayan regions are cold water fishes and are accustomed to living in very clean waters. After the natural calamity, the water becomes extremely dirty with rapid stirring in the rivers. In such a situation their life is in danger.

Raini Village