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TV9 EXCLUSIVE: “Does Shabnam or Salim matter?” I was ready to hang …



TV9 EXCLUSIVE: "Does Shabnam or Salim matter?  I am ready to hang"

Pawan executioner said that I am not happy on anyone’s execution. Do I get 10-20 thousand rupees? I am happy that I have the chance to hang a dreaded criminal legally on the noose.

Pawan executioner.

“I am not afraid of anything and not worried. I am not a criminal, who I fear for someone or someone in my life. The bread of June 2 goes together. Dishonesty, thievery was never tamed. I am cutting like I am cutting in poverty. More than half the life has been cut. The remaining two years of life will also be cut. I do not know why everyone is afraid. I am not afraid of anyone. As far as the matter is, the punishment of Shabnam, who cut his entire family with an ax in one night. So be it Shabnam or Salim, it doesn’t matter to me. I am ready to hang both of them on the well of death and hang them on the noose. You should meet the rule of government. ”

Pawan Jallad, who lives in Meerut, told all these incredible and difficult facts during the “Exclusive Interview” to TV9 India. Pawan claims to be the only executioner in India recently. According to him, the remaining one or two people and those who are left have become very old, while any alive person in front of them needs a strong and strong liver in the arms to hang them. Pawan also claims that at present there is no other executioner hanging in the country more experienced than him.

Look at the pride of the person hanging 4-4

In confirmation of this claim and in response to a question from TV9 India, Pawan hangman said that I am a family hangman. I’ve got a birthright My great grandfather Lakshmi alias Lakshman, grandfather Kalu alias Kallu, father and brother Mammu and Jagdish were also executioners. It was Dada Kallu Jallad who mastered the art of hanging a human being. Even after this, however, he himself won, never in his entire executioner’s age could he ever hang himself on a noose more than 2 criminals. I have become the first executioner of India, who at the same time put a noose in the neck of four criminals at the same time, in the well of death.

Are you telling the story of hanging 4-4 ​​convicts of Nirbhaya together in Tihar Jail on 20 March 2020 last year? In a proud voice of asking, Pawan Jallad said that yes, I am talking about trapping the killers with the same fearlessness. Now there is no doubt that any other executioner will be alive in the country due to the collision of Pawan Hangman. When my grandfather, great-grandfather, father-brother, which means the entire family has worked to hang the culprits for many decades, even when they could not hang all the four criminals together, then in India Who else would have survived the greatest executioner from them? “

How to cry at the death of cruelty

Does a human even celebrate mourning on his death. You are proudly narrating the frightful anecdote of sleeping on premature death to four or four people! While intercepting the reporter in the middle of the question, Pawan Jallad said that mourning is celebrated on the death of a good person. The world knows this, who surrounds and kills Nirbhaya’s daughters, who are Shabnam’s big-hearted devil-minded daughters or Salim’s Namurad Mujrim in a single night, from 10 months to innocent, cutting the throats of 60-60 year olds Do not eat mercy, tell me if anyone will cry over the hanging or death of such people, or who would not want to hang Shabnam and Salim hanging?

In response to a question, the family’s executioner Pawan further said that I am not happy on hanging someone. Do I get 10-20 thousand rupees? I am happy that I have the chance to hang a dreaded criminal legally on the noose. An executioner can never be happy with someone’s death. Yes, we are more likely to die or kill a criminal. The mercy petition of Shabnam and Salim of Bawankhedi village of Amroha has also been rejected by the President. what will happen now?

The executioner thinks differently from the common man

When asked in response to this question, Babaq-Bekauf Pawan Jallad said that what is to be known now? Nothing will happen. What he did brutally with his loved ones will now be with him. Now both will know, when I will be putting a noose around their neck. I will be tying their feet on the well of death in the hanging house, then they will also realize that it is not easy to kill others by torturing them. When famine death dances on its head, it is known how torturing cruel and premature death is.

Shabnam is a woman. Will not your hands tremble while hanging the noose around his neck and tying the feet of Shabnam standing on the well of death? After all, how can a man dare to kill a woman so brutally? In response to this question, Pawan said that all these common people should think. If I start thinking then what about the executioner soon? When I put a noose around my throat or while tying his feet, I think that I am not guilty of this. What you have done is suffering. No one else is more responsible than you for this bad famine death.

Breaking record of forefathers, tune to create two new records

Even if you are a ancestral executioner. Why not right from the father and grandfather, you have learned the skill of hanging. Before now, what in your family or have you hanged a female convict on the noose? Pawan executioner said, what does my father-grandfather-great-grandfather talk about? In India, no woman has been hanged since independence. It seems that if God kept everything alright and no legal order was interrupted, then the record of hanging the first female criminal in independent India as Shabnam would be written on my own name. For example, I broke the record of my grandfather and great-grandfather by hanging four or four criminals of Nirbhaya together in Tihar. If my fate was supported and the days of Shabnam-Salim’s life would have been completed, I would have the chance to hang Shabnam on the noose as the first woman in independent India.

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