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Toolkit case: Delhi Police told the court – Disha’s partner Shantanu of Republic Day …



Toolkit case: Delhi Police told the court - Disha's partner Shantanu of Republic Day ...


  • Disha Ravi’s bail plea heard in Patiala House Court, Delhi
  • Police told the court – Disha’s partner Shantanu came to Delhi during Republic Day
  • Describing the petition as premature, Delhi Police opposed the direction bail application

New Delhi
Climate activist Disha Ravi was arrested by the Delhi Police in a toolkit case related to the farmers’ movement. Now the bail plea of ​​Disha Ravi is being heard in Patiala House Court in Delhi. During this time, the court asked the Delhi Police to first tell what is the story of the prosecution? What kind of evidence has he found? ASG Suryaprakash V Raju is appearing in the court on behalf of Delhi Police. The judge has asked many sharp questions about Disha Ravi.

Disha’s lawyers are now pleading
ASG SV Raju argued in the court on behalf of Delhi Police. After him, now the lawyers of Disha Ravi are pleading in the court-

Disha’s lawyer said – then all are seditious
Arguing on behalf of Disha Ravi, her lawyer said- My client is a 22-year-old girl who lives in Bangalore. It has never had any affiliation with the Khalistan Movement. It is a case of prosecution that the Khalistan Movement people are engaged in fulfilling their purpose by holding the farmers movement under cover. There is no money angle of any kind in it.

If no evidence was found, accused of conspiracy – Disha’s lawyer
If there is no evidence, not material, then accused of conspiracy. Someone is protesting here and you are highlighting him at the international level, then he became treason! If so, I have no objection. We are all seditious and all go inside. This is the police’s case!

The court asked – what is against the direction?
After the arguments of the ASG, the court said – So it was not a toolkit in basic but it was a mask. Suppose I am associated with a movement and I meet some people with some intentions, so how can you keep the same introduction for me? The court further said – If I contact a dacoit for temple donation, how do you say that I am also in the dacoity? The court asked the police what material you have collected against him (direction).

Toolkit taken to a site that discredits the military: ASG
On the question of evidence against Disha Ravi, ASG Raju has argued that the conspiracy behind the toolkit is clearly visible. You were taken to sites that discredit the Indian Army… It is being spread that the Army has committed genocide in Kashmir.

ASG said- sedition case is made against the accused
Let us tell you that Additional Sessions Judge Dharmendra Rana is hearing the matter virtually. At the same time, Additional Solicitor General Suryaprakash V Raju is putting arguments in the court on behalf of Delhi Police. ASG SV Raju said that the Poetic Justice Foundation, which the accused are allegedly members of, formed a group in the name of supporting the peasant movement, in such a case a sedition charge is made against the accused.

Greta Thunberg in support of Disha Ravi, taught on human rights
‘Reward for hoisting the flag at India Gate through Toolkit’
After this, Additional Sessions Judge Dharmendra Rana asked what is the toolkit after all? In response, ASG, referring to the name of a banned organization of Sikhs, said that through a toolkit a reward of lakhs was placed for the flag hoisting at India Gate. The ASG said that this organization was engaged in fulfilling its purpose under the guise of the farmer movement. It is not a coincidence, it was prepared with complete planning. Let us tell you that SV Raju said these things in relation to Republic Day violence.

Toolkit case: letter to 47 former judge and retired officer, President raging on those who criticized Disha Ravi’s arrest
‘Disha’s companion Shantanu came to Delhi during Republic Day’
During the hearing of Disha Ravi’s bail plea, Delhi Police told the court that his partner Shantanu had come to Delhi from Maharashtra during Republic Day and visited the border areas continuously from January 20 to 27. Delhi Police also told the court that the banned organization Sikhs for Justice had announced a reward on January 11 for hoisting the Khalistani flag at India Gate, Red Fort.

‘These organizations operate from Canada’
Delhi Police further told the court that somehow this toolkit leaked on social media and became available in the public domain. A plan to delete it was also planned in advance. The Delhi Police says before the court that these organizations operate from Canada and wanted someone to hoist the flag at India Gate, Red Fort. They wanted to carry out such activities under the guise of the farmers movement and that is why the Poetic Justice Foundation is also involved in it.

Disha Ravi Case: Court sent Disha Ravi to judicial custody for 3 days, police said
‘Police is lying direction’
At the beginning of the hearing, the public prosecutor opposed the application of the bail plea of ​​Disha Ravi, saying that the accused is yet to be questioned. He will be produced before the court again on 22 February. The petition has been filed prematurely (prematurely). ASG SV Raju said that she is lying to the police. Now we have to face Disha Ravi along with the other accused. Bail is not made at this stage. The investigation is still in a preliminary stage. The material to be erased from phone, laptop etc. is to be recovered.

(With inputs from news agency ANI)


Disha Ravi (File Photo)