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“Three Musketeers” will be reshomed in France: one of the heroes is black



"Three Musketeers" will be reshomed in France: one of the heroes is black

The famous novel “The Three Musketeers” by Alexandre Dumas will soon be filmed, and twice. At the end of August, the French company Pathé will start filming. And in parallel, a project for Netflix is ​​being developed.

D’Artagnan in the French version will be played by 32-year-old François Civil, known for the film “He and She”. For the role of Athos, 54-year-old Vincent Cassel, a star of French and world cinema, ex-husband of Monica Bellucci, father of her two children, is invited. Porthos will be played by 36-year-old Pio Marmam, Aramisa by 46-year-old Romain Duris, who starred in Laurent Tirard’s “Moliere”. We will see Eva Green in the role of Milady. Vicky Crips, known for the films “The Girl Trapped in the Web”, “Mobius”, will play Anna of Austria. Louis Garrel will appear as Louis XIII. So far, two parts are planned – “Three Musketeers – D’Artagnan” and “Three Musketeers – Milady”, work on which will go in parallel. The film will be directed by Martin Bourboulon. The screenwriters Mathieu Delaporte and Alexandre de La Pateliere, who worked with him on the film Divorce in French, are now working on an adaptation of Dumas’s novel, for which a solid budget has been allocated.

In addition to the heroes familiar to all, according to producer Dmitry Rassam, new characters will appear, relevant accents will be highlighted, in particular, they will touch upon the topic of violence, the position of women in society and religious wars. Among the innovations is the appearance of Hannibal, the prototype of which was the real black musketeer Louis Anniab.

Dumas’ novel was first published in 1844 and was filmed many times.

We talked with the French distributor and producer Laurent Danilo, thanks to whom many Russian films, such as “Tsar” by Lungin, “Admiral” by Kravchuk, “Everyone will die, but I will stay” by Guy Germaniki, “Once in Trubchevsk” by Sadilova, were shown in France …

– Where did the producer of the film Dmitry Rassam get such a name?

– Dmitry is a very popular name in France. He has no Russian roots. The producer of the new “Three Musketeers” was born in 1981. He is the son of renowned French actress Carole Bouquet and producer Jean-Pierre Rassam, who was born in Beirut to a Lebanese diplomat. Dmitry Rassam made a large animation project “The Little Prince”, produced several French comedies. Not so long ago his famous French film “Name” was released. He always works on big projects. Dmitry is the husband of Grace Kelly’s granddaughter and Princess of Monaco Charlotte Casiraghi. Before that, he was married to the Russian model Masha Novoselova, from whom he has a daughter, Dasha.

– Is the success of the new version of The Three Musketeers guaranteed?

– I think so, if everything goes well. The picture has a very good casting. Vincent Cassel, Eva Green and other actors are known not only in Europe and Russia, but also in the United States, so the film has great potential. In addition, there will always be a new audience for the film adaptations of the classics of world and French literature. That is why the new “Three Musketeers” should become an event, especially since the French version has not existed for a long time. If the American film adaptation was made by Paul Anderson in 2011, then the French one, in my opinion, came out a long time ago. In 1953, it was directed by André Yunebel.

– The director of the new version, Martin Bourboulon, is not very well known in our country.

– He filmed comedies, one of them – “Love by the way”. He will surely be famous very soon. In May 2021 his painting Eiffel will be released, where Gustave Eiffel was played by Romain Duris. This is a film about how the Eiffel Tower was built.

– Do you know that one of the musketeers will be played by a black actor?

“The four main musketeers are white. In the main casting that I saw, black actors are not announced, but everything can be.

“Netflix is ​​also about to start filming The Three Musketeers.

– It will be a series. As far as I know, it is under development. I think that these two versions will not interfere with each other. French filmmakers will start filming very soon, and Netflix, I think, will take another two or three years to develop. When such classics as Dumas or Balzac are hired, the producers win for the very reason that even the part of the public who has not read the novel at least knows what it is about. And that’s always a good base for a movie. In this case, we are dealing with a children’s novel popular all over the world. In addition, you do not need to get permission from anyone to film adaptation. It is not subject to copyright, which means no one has to pay, which is also important. Such a big classic and free.

“When I was growing up, everyone read The Three Musketeers. Soviet people handed in waste paper in order to purchase a book in return. How popular is Dumas’ novel in France?

– Everyone read it. We have this cult romance. Children and young people read it now. This is an extra-generational novel. I read it, my sons too. And even those who did not have time to do this know perfectly well who D’Artagnan, Porthos, Aramis and Athos are. Everyone knows their story, and when the film comes out, it will become a family one.