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These things of elders are not superstitions, behind them are hidden scientific facts, you …



These things of elders are not superstitions, there are hidden scientific facts behind them, you also know about them ...

Our elders ask them to follow certain rules regarding all things, but we ignore those things as superstition. Learn about the facts hidden behind them here.

Know the scientific facts of old beliefs

In the Hindu scriptures, rules have been made for all the daily activities. These rules have not only religious but also scientific reasons. This is the reason why our elders follow the rules regarding some work and also teach us.

But in today’s poor lifestyle and a run-of-the-mill life, all of us are gradually ignoring those things. One reason for this is that perhaps we do not know about those facts properly. Let us tell you today, about some such things

Should not leave the pots at night

Dirt in the house is considered as impoverishment. It is believed in the scriptures that the house where dirt is inhabited, there is no residence of mother Lakshmi. There comes impoverishment and prosperity disappears. But if we pay attention to its scientific reasons, germs are produced in it due to leaving the utensils in the night and their number increases considerably during the night. When we clean these utensils in the morning, they often remain in these utensils and cause our disease. It is obvious that sickness brings negativity in the house and in such a way money is also spent.

Do not sleep in the south direction

Often the elders of our house say that do not sleep in the south direction, it is not good. But we ignore his point. But in fact, the scientific reason for this is that the magnetic waves of the solar system move from south to north. In such a situation, when we sleep with our head facing south, then progressive electric current enters our head and goes out through the legs. At the same time, if the foot is turned towards the south and the head towards the north, the repulsion force works by bringing both the north of the earth and the north of the head together. This pushing force causes contraction in your body. In such a situation, there is a fear of blood flow in the body completely out of control and there may be a problem of high BP.

Do not sweep at night

In our homes, it is forbidden to sweep at night. It is believed that by doing this, mother Lakshmi gets angry. But the real reason behind this is that years ago there was no electricity in the villages. Lamps or candles used to illuminate at night, whose light was very less. In such a situation, there was a fear of dying of micro-organisms by cleaning at night. Also, if any special item dropped in the house went out with garbage, it will not be known. Because of this it was forbidden to sweep at night. If it was to be applied, the garbage was collected inside the house itself.



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