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There are no ladies toilets in 24 police stations of Lucknow, where should the women policemen go



There are no ladies toilets in 24 police stations of Lucknow, where should the women policemen go


  • Women police personnel do duty for 12 hours every day
  • Male toilet has to be used
  • Women police personnel drink less water due to frequent toilet rests

Sagir Abbas / Lucknow
Sepoy Archana Kumari is posted at the help desk at Hazratganj Kotwali from December -19. She performs duty for 12 hours every day. The police station does not have a toilet for women. In such a situation, she drinks very little water throughout the day and sometimes she does not drink so that she does not have to go to the toilet.

Anita, a 2019 batch soldier, also works at Hazratganj Kotwali. Men have to use toilets made in compulsion. If it is not good to go alone then the fellow women take the policeman along. She stands outside the toilet.

Male toilet has to be used
These two cases are just a hallmark. There are a total of 40 police stations in Lucknow Police Commissionerate. There are 24 of these, where there is no toilet for women policemen. In such a situation, they had to use a toilet made for men or accessible toilets built nearby. The condition of women policemen working in the field is worse. She does not drink water for 12-12 hours while on duty to avoid uncomfortable situations. The issue is so sensitive and private that they are not able to talk about it openly.

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Not satisfied but toilet built
DCP CAW Ruchita Choudhary, who was posted in the Police Commissionerate, said that in October, he had requested the then Police Commissioner Sujit Pandey to construct separate toilets for women policemen. They had agreed but the action plan could not be prepared. CP Sukit Pandey was succeeded by DK Thakur. The DCP also discussed this issue with him. The Police Commissioner asked the DCP to survey the police stations in this regard.

Police stations divided into three categories
The DCP divided the police stations into three categories after the survey. First- where there is no land but no toilets, second- where there is no land, third- where there are toilets for women policemen but they are broken. After the survey, land has been sought from the district administration for Indiranagar and Jankipuram police stations.

At the same time, there are 22 police stations in the city. In which there is land but women toilets are not built. Budget has been sought for such police stations. PGI police station has a female toilet but is damaged. DCP, Headquarters Shalini said that women policemen posted in police lines often have duty in law and order. A mobile toilet is planned for such policemen. The budget will be sought soon from the police headquarters.

Ladies toilet is not available in these police stations
Para, Chowk, Wazirganj, Bazaarkhala, Saadatganj, Talkatora, Kaiserbagh, Hazratganj, Husainganj, Gautampalli, Banthara, Alambagh, Aliganj, Madianav, Ghazipur, Mahanagar, Cantt, Ashiana, Gomtinagar Extension, Nagaram and Gosainganj.

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