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There are many types of depression. Lifestyle and psychological symptoms



There are many types of depression. Lifestyle and psychological symptoms

Depression can come at any age. There are many causes for depression. It is important to understand that depression is the cause of many complications, especially in women. However do not assume that depression means that everyone behaves the same the same symptoms appear. Depression symptoms also change depending on the lifestyle and mentality. Depression, especially in postmenopausal women, should not be dismissed as chaotic and irritating.

In general, we only think of health as physical health among those who are falling into old age. But the reasons behind it may also be related to mental health. Especially in our country, women are the ones who take care of the needs of the family even as they get older. Fifty years later, we still see people doing all the housework.

Everyone in the family takes care of their own affairs after their needs. Unbeknownst to them in this process comes a monotony in life. Sometimes it may not even make sense to them. What is life? A feeling like that is getting worse. It can cause frustration and impatience. The effect is to cause physical illness such as insomnia, fatigue and back pain. That is why 50 years have passed and it should be thought that psychology may also be the cause of women’s health.


Periods stop between the ages of 45–50. This condition is called “menopause”. It is not a disease. That was in everyone. This will cause some difficulties. Decreased estrogen hormone levels and changes in metabolism can have an impact on regular lifestyle. This causes fatigue and irritability. Not only that but it starts to feel like my life is half over now. Most people think that sex life is over when menopause comes. It can also cause depression. Changes in the body before and after menopause can also cause emotional changes. This makes it difficult to regulate the mood. It can be irritating and over-reacting to small things. Or become completely dull. Forgetfulness comes.

At an older age

Another type of depression can occur after the age of 60. The man who walked seven steps together was dying and had to be left alone. Children can also be left alone due to the inability to directly care for them to stay in another country. In addition to the effect of menopause, these factors also have an impact on their mental health. This type of depression is more common in people who are away from their children after the lock-down period. Thoughts that no one cares about me make them cringe.

Need to understand

Women over the age of 50 should always understand that they are suffering from some kind of health problem which means they are going into depression. Talk to them and try to find out the real reason.

Loneliness does not mean the absence of anyone. Even to ignore. If they give you any advice or try to say something, listen patiently. The older ones should be recognized as one of the family.

Occasionally asking for any advice. Time should pass by saying things that happen in the office. Or we may be scared to do any of these.

It is important to love and care for them. Some time should be given to children as well as to adults.

Occasionally there is a reassurance that ‘you are important to us’. Taking it out. It should be done to satisfy small desires that once wanted to do but could not do.

A doctor may be needed if the problem is too severe. But those going beyond menopause also need the support of family members. -Dr. Jyotirmoy, Consultant Psychiatrist, Continental Hospital, Hyderabad


The symptoms of menopause are similar to each other. Quick tiredness, hot flashes, sweating all night, sweating all night and waking up. Some have irritability such as palpitations, mental anxiety, irritability, crying for no reason, and always feeling like a headache. Some people do not know the cause of all this, others do not understand the cause of what to say and slowly go into depression.

Also in Working Women ..

Menopause is now fast approaching in working women. Some people show symptoms of menopause by the age of 40. Even at that stage the mental stress increases. It is common to gain more weight and have more problems by retirement. Increases irritability in some. For others, it may seem like a fluke. The idea that we are lagging behind in the workplace is growing. All of these can increase the risk of depression. Financial issues can also cause depression by the time you reach retirement age. Life is running out. The fear that there are no savings and the children will not settle down is stifling. Because of that they also go into depression.

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