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The prices of petrol and diesel have increased drastically, gas cylinders also become expensive, common man …





  • On Monday, petrol in Delhi was Rs 88.99 and diesel was Rs 79.35 per liter.
  • Working people suffer more, many companies have stopped serving cabs
  • The condition of public transport is not good, fuel budget in personal vehicles increased significantly
  • People said – increased burden on pockets, inflation affected household budget

Poonam Gaur / Priyanka Singh
New Delhi / Jaipur / Bhopal

This century is hurting. Sighs are coming out of the mouth – now there is only benefit in walking. Petrol is at 99.87 and diesel at 91.86 in Sriganganagar, Rajasthan. Premium petrol is beyond 100. The situation in Bhopal is also similar. In Delhi today, petrol is at 89.29 and diesel at 79.70. Lack of public transport and rising petrol prices. In the Corona period, this big question is facing people facing financial crisis, how to get out of this problem? According to people, in the last two to three months the cost of petrol has increased more than twice.

Pocket of working people
In the Corona era, when some company has stopped cab service, then one’s salary has reduced. At the same time, there are some people who come and go from NCR. The increase in petrol prices has increased their problems due to lack of trains and direct buses. Displeasure is also seen about this. According to people, if you want to come to West Delhi from the old part of Gurugram, then many means have to be changed to reach the metro. Buses also have to change instruments repeatedly. If there was a train, it used to travel easily, but now it has to be up and down by bike or car.

In such a situation, many traders have started keeping their shops closed for two to three days in a week because the cost of petrol is so high that it is not possible to go to the shop everyday. Many companies of Noida and Gurugram have shut down the pick and drop facility, due to which the employees have to pay their expenses. In such a situation, the cost of the month has increased by about 3 to 4 thousand rupees due to rising petrol prices. Apart from this, some people who are suffering from diabetes, BP etc. diseases are also away from the metro, taking precaution. So, they are also up and down from the car itself and petrol is shaking their house budget. According to people, due to this, savings have come to an end. The EMI of insurance is not going.

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Bad hit on farmers
Virendra Dagar, a farmer from Najafgarh, said that farmers use diesel for farming. Diesel is used to run the water in the field and transport the crop to the market. If the prices of diesel will increase, the prices of vegetables and fertilizers will also increase. The farmers of Delhi do not even get the right price for their crop. Due to the increase in the price of diesel, now every farmer is spending nearly 3000 rupees in one acre of land from farming to the crop market. Earlier this expenditure was around 2000 rupees.

Farmers say that if the MSP law is implemented in writing, then the farmers will not need subsidy. At the same time, cab driver Raju said that the increase in petrol price will also increase the fare. The biggest problem will be with middle class families. Most of the cabs are also used by middle class people. If their household budget is affected, then our earnings will also be affected.

When there is talk of one country, one tax, then why are the rates of petrol and diesel different? Different prices in each city. If we take it to GST, then there will be one country, one tax and one rate. This the central government of BJP does not want to do, because excise duty will have to be dropped. Now the price of gas cylinders has been increased, which will increase further. If petroleum products are brought under GST, the rate will fall by half. The price of everything increases with the increase in the price of petrol diesel. Every state imposes VAT on its own. BJP leaders said that reduce VAT in Delhi. If we told Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, then the government immediately gave relief to the public by reducing the rate. But the BJP governments did not provide relief to the people in their state. Even after such a recovery, PSUs are selling.

ND Gupta, Rajya Sabha MP, AAP

Petrol-Diesel prices fire, Congress calls MP for half-day shutdown on 20 February
Transporters warn of strike
Protesters warned on Sunday to go on strike protesting the rising diesel prices and higher tax. The All India Motor Transport Congress (AIMTC), the apex organization of transporters, said that diesel prices are continuously rising. Apart from this, high rates of tax, many things related to the e-way bill and the current policy of junk vehicles etc. were discussed in the Governing Council of AIMTC.

AIMTC claims to represent around 95 lakh truck drivers and about 50 lakh buses and tourist operators. The organization said in a statement that its national leadership has decided to issue a 14-day notice to the government to initiate the process towards resolving the demands. The key demands include immediate reduction in diesel prices and discussion of issues with transporters before implementing the policy of uniformity, e-way bill and GST, and scraping of vehicles. The organization said that if the government does not do so, they will be forced to cease operations across the country.

Fiscal deficit has increased. Due to this, rates have increased. Some state governments have given similar rebates and the rates are the same. As Assam has done. Today, cheap petrol is available from Delhi in UP. Taxes of UP government are low. Now the Delhi government has increased the taxes on petrol very much. The price of petrol and diesel consists of three parts. One is the real part, the other is the central government and the third is the state government. In such a situation, the state government should give a rebate on its own to reduce the rates of petrol and diesel. Delhi government has a lot of money. Aam Aadmi Party leaders spend Delhi money in their campaigning. Advocates hire those who insult the tricolor, spending money on it. Instead, people in Delhi should get cheaper petrol and diesel, so the Delhi government should give a rebate. According to the criterion of subsidy on cylinders, they are getting it accordingly.

Adesh Gupta, President, Delhi BJP

Not getting subsidy already, now people upset due to increase in gas cylinder price

It is the common people to say ‘income earner expenses’. Ever since he came to know that non-subsidized domestic cylinders (LPG) prices have gone up. Since then, the question before the common people is, how will the house go now? Already due to COVID, most private companies have not increased their salaries and subsidy money is not coming for the last several months. This creates confusion in front of people. The only question before the people is whether the subsidy will be received or not. If not found, then a gas cylinder of Rs 769 will have to be purchased.

By suddenly increasing by Rs 50 on domestic LPG gas, the Modi government at the center is bent on breaking the back of the common man. In the Manmohan government, even when crude oil prices were high, the UPA government did not let the general public bear the burden. Today the price of crude oil is half, yet the increase in the price of fuel is breaking the record. The Modi government has nothing to do with the sufferings and troubles of the general public. Till now only the vehicle fuel rates were being increased, now the rate of trouble has been increased on the housewives by increasing the rate of LPG. Inflation went sky high. After all, who is involved in hoarding? Who is trying to benefit? The central government is working for only two industrialists in the country.

Anil Chaudhary, President, Delhi Congress


Please tell that for the second time in February 2021, the price of LPG cylinder has been increased. From February 15, the domestic cylinder has been increased by Rs 50. The price of 14.2 kg domestic gas cylinder has increased from Rs 719 in Delhi to Rs 769.

This government specializes in lying. They have no money. Where will you give subsidy? Now subsidy money on domestic LPG cylinders is not going into people’s accounts. The government should clarify why subsidy money is not going into people’s accounts? If you do not give subsidy now, then clearly tell. And the subsidy is ongoing and not being given, then the reason for this should also be told to the country. The Modi government is in the process of raising money by selling PSUs. Now even the prices of PSUs are not available. Air India bidders are also not being found. The Standing Committee All Petroleum and Natural Gas is to meet on 19 February. In the meeting, the issue of not knowing the subsidy money in the accounts of domestic LPG consumers, the issue of rising prices of petrol, diesel and LPG gas may come up loudly.

ND Gupta, Rajya Sabha MP, AAP

Deepak of Jhuljhuli village says that there is a gas water geyser in the house due to power cuts. About 9 to 10 cylinders are used in a year. The last time a cylinder of 550 was taken. The year’s expenditure was 5500 rupees. Now the cost of 10 cylinders of the year will be 7690. In this way, the expenditure of the year increased by 2190 rupees. While there is no increase in income. On the other hand PNG is cheap, but its supply is not in the village. Several letters have also been written to the department to bring PNG supplies to the village, but no positive response was received.