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The Ministry of Education thought about the ban on the use of mobile phones in schools



The Ministry of Education thought about the ban on the use of mobile phones in schools

“Even in prison they are now allowed.”

With the return of schoolchildren to the traditional, full-time learning format, the use of their personal mobile phones for educational purposes has come under a ban. Experts suddenly remembered that the phone screens are so small that they harm the eyesight of children, and adopted new SanPiNs that set the minimum allowable screen size for educational gadgets at 26.6 cm. by his predecessor Olga Vasilyeva: should a child be allowed to take a mobile phone with him to school at all?

At one time, Vasilyeva’s attempt to completely banish cell phones from school angered many. Parents began signing thousands of protest petitions, and the idea was frozen. True, a number of regions still managed to introduce this extreme measure: by the beginning of 2020, mobile phones in classrooms were banned by about a quarter of Russian schools, and in North Ossetia, Ingushetia and the Belgorod region – all 100% of schools. But on the whole, there has been some lull on the “mobile front”.

The fragile peace was violated by the recent statement of Rospotrebnadzor on the ban on the use of mobile phones in the educational process. And although the department made a reservation that it was only about the use of these devices in the classroom, and not about bringing them to school, the parents were again worried.

“I don’t know, of course, like in all other schools, but our mobile phones have never been used in the classroom,” the mother of the capital’s ninth-grader Elena told us. “And I think they never will. And in schools where children of all our relatives and friends study, too. What phones if interactive whiteboards are hanging in all classrooms? And then why such a ban? It is also meaningless in the event of a return to distance learning (do not be remembered by nightfall!), Because it is impossible to check with what gadgets a child is mastering the school curriculum at home. And not everyone has home computers, which means that you want it or not, and some people will have to study by phone. So it turns out that there is some other goal behind this ban! Are they going to try again under this brand to prohibit children from taking their mobile phones to school? We, parents, are against this: these are not the times now, not to know all day where your child is and what is wrong with him!

– About mobile phones – this is a very old question, and there is an exact answer to it: you cannot deprive schoolchildren of their phones. Both children and parents have the right to contact each other without the teacher’s permission. Even in the army and in prison, mobiles are now allowed, ” said Vsevolod Lukhovtsky, a language teacher at a Moscow school. Of course, it would be better if every child (and teacher, by the way!) Had a laptop and a separate room for classes, but alas … Rospotrebnadzor took advantage of the massive discontent of parents and portrayed itself as a protector of children.

Another explanation is possible, the teacher believes: some of the officials “are lobbying for the interests of companies that produce tablets and electronic boards. If we prohibit working with mobile phones, parents will have to buy tablets. After all, of course, we cannot wait for the correct solution to the problem – supplying all schoolchildren with free tablets ”.

– By the way, in some Western European countries, teachers demanded that distance learning should not be available, because not all children have the necessary working conditions. And the authorities went to meet them, – reminds the expert.

Be that as it may, but the head of the Ministry of Education Sergei Kravtsov had to calm down the newly begun seething of minds. There will be no ban on mobile phones “from above”, he assured: each school will resolve this issue at its own discretion. The minister himself, as it turned out, has nothing against the presence of mobiles at school: “In my opinion, as a parent, it is important to know where the child is,” he said. “But it is advisable not to use a mobile phone in the educational process in the classroom. When the parent knows that the child is in the classroom, you can either turn off your mobile phone or put it next to it. ” Well, in the event of force majeure, parents can always contact the headmaster of the school, added Kravtsov, stressing that his sixth-grader daughter does not have a mobile phone.