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The ‘lady don’ who does not remember counting how many policemen he fired …



The 'lady don' who does not remember how many policemen fired bullets in her chest

That night, call it the desolation of the Chambal forest or after the silence, this Lady Dawn ruled the whole 17 years …

Border avoidance.

From the jungle to the prison, whose name he spoke. Whose gun shot sounds should be made to identify who should have been firing in this style. Birds in the Biwan forest, whose thunder-filled laughter, frightened by the sound of ears, fly away from the branches of trees. Just imagine if it will be a man or a woman?

Only a man will tell such a daredevil with temperament. Where can such a domineering voice of a person? Which creates a furore in the Biwan forest. From whose mouth the birds chirped with an eerie, frightening voice, the birds… fly away from the branches of trees… Not shocked, one such lady don is born on the head of India. The lady don who was kidnapped by robbers at just 13 years of age was taken to the ravines of the Chambal Valley. Whose desire was among the loved ones, all the remaining spring of life to be drenched in the colors of every Holi. But all of that is never what a human wants because his ill-fated hand-lines had written, to be India’s most dreaded eighty-eight woman don.

Loaded with gunpowder

That means, the poor and young girl and her innocent siblings, who were robbed by Chambal, took the gun out of the mouth of the beleaguered parents, and later they took a gun in their hands, wreaking havoc in the Chambal forest. Some of them knocked out their fellow mates and some filled the gunpowder with gunfire in their bodies. Then the khaki uniform, guarding the law, realized that a forced innocent in their area had been brought into the Chambal jungle before time.

The 12-year-old innocent of the ravines of Chambal, the bandits, ran wildly on that dreaded rainy night with many miles of guns. Because the bandits feared that the police might not get in the way… and they were rugged bandits Lala Ram, Kusuma Nine, Sureed Lodhi and Mukmal Singh. However, when the weapon came in his hand, this lady don never looked back again… and nothing could stop him from moving forward in the darkness of the wild forests of Chambal.

Cruel policemen also did wrong

At that time, by the time the police reached Babine village police station Ajitmal district Etawah and the police station of Auraiya district Ayana area, a family was devastated. The family’s daughter was respected in the forest of Abaru Chambal. The remaining cancer was allegedly completed by some brutal policemen of that era, by locking the parents of the girl who was kidnapped. These were the only circumstances that gave wind to the dreaded forests of Chambal in no time. That dreaded lady don, who later went to the Chambal jungle, jail police station, court court, hit Salman Khan fame “Big Boss”.

Several months after the kidnapping of the bandits, when he was taken out of the Chambal jungle for the first time to get sunlight, he had a gun in his hand, a red band tied on his head… and instead of women on his body, he was wearing a manly army. Police color was a khaki uniform. The place was Shiva’s temple located in the jungles of Jalaun district. The time must have been around eight-nine o’clock in the night. For the first time in her life, this lady don, with the voice of a bandit chieftain, shot her with two gun fire from a double-barreled gun. Pleased with the speed of the bullets that came out of the canals of the gun, the chieftain of the bandits handed the newly created Lady Dawn into the hands at the same time, a 315 bore rifle. This time, before the Sardar spoke, Lady Dawn fired the rifle in her hand, waving it in the air and fired two more bullets, ripping the cremation silence present in that black night in Biyaban forest.

The dreaded lady don open challenge

That night, after hearing the silence of the Chambal forest or the silence of the silence, this Lady Dawn ruled the whole 17 years… in the Chambal Valley. In an exclusive conversation with this correspondent of TV9 Bharatvarsha, this dreaded Lady Dawn openly challenged. We were not going to do any of the cream powder redness lipstick of today’s Delhi Bombay ie Mumbai… We were the typical desi don. Two kilos of weight will not be carried by the people of the city… I have spent 17 years in the Chambal Valley every weapon every night for many miles… and when the front police had to take from the PAC… rifles, light machine guns, slingshot too Drove The ammo of my bullets went dry and wet in the body of many policemen, I do not remember the count. That means the kidnapped innocent girl at the age of 13 years, once the gun came, then she did not let anyone sleep peacefully.

To what extent did this lady Dawn rule in Chambal, listen to her example too. Became the mother of a son in the forest itself. Mother without marriage Today this son is studying for graduation. However, this lady Dawn says that on the basis of her kidnapping dacoit Kusuma Nine and dacoit Fakkad, she had married Lala Ram daku. The robber was later lax in the Lala Ram police encounter. It is a different matter that this lady don, who ruled as a favorite of bandits in the Chambal Valley, has no wealth today. Neither husband nor lover. With time, everyone left, leaving one by one. Today it is only loneliness. Disgrace… The courts are full of scorns… and inside a very narrow house with a suffocating life… The worry of raising the bread of June 2. Do you know who is this Indian lady don, who traveled from Chambal forest to Big Boss. These are border removals. 21 years ago, that is, in 2000, who surrendered. The same border avoidance who spent 3 years and 7 months in the Etawah jail bars. The same border refusal in May 2004, whose feet were out of jail, the Ghaziabad police had committed an encounter with her brother, the same Lady Dawn border.

Exclusive report by Sanjeev Chauhan for TV9 India

Sanjeev Ji

Tomorrow you will read the story of another lady don

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