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The illegitimate son of Kashpirovsky went to court to meet with his father



The illegitimate son of Kashpirovsky went to court to meet with his father

He recently filed a paternity suit in court. “In 1988, my mother met my father during his sessions at the Sovremennik Palace of Culture in Kiev,” he says in a statement addressed to the chairman of the Borispol District Court of the Kiev Region. “Soon my mother was enrolled in the personal 6th group of Kashpirovsky A M. and received an offer to work in his office on Glazunov Street, house number 3.

According to the plaintiff, in 1989, a young woman, together with her employer, went to shoot at Ostankino. The couple returned to Kiev in one SV compartment. Since then, their relationship has grown closer. If at first the lady’s production duties were limited to the analysis of the correspondence sent to the name of the “sorcerer”, after “closer rapprochement” the woman began to carry out personal tasks for the boss. “My mother talked to my father all the time, spent time off together,” continues Alexey Fushtey. – In January 1991, my mother became pregnant, told her father that she was in a position. However, AM Kashpirovsky immediately took her word that her mother would be silent and that the child was not from him. ” In the office of the famous psychotherapist, according to Mr. Fushtey, “everyone understood that it was from Kashpirovsky that my mother got pregnant.”

For obvious reasons, the woman quit her job, intending to return to her job at the end of the parental leave. “After my birth, my mother first called him, and he reminded him of her promise to be silent …”, says Alexey Fushtey.

Growing up, Alexei made an attempt to make friends with Kashpirovsky (whose paternity he is absolutely sure of).

– Anatoly Mikhailovich never refused to talk to me, once they talked about everything lively for an hour, – says Fushtei. – Yes, he knows that I am his son, nevertheless, for some reason, “pulls the rubber.” Perhaps there are some reasons for this …

The psychotherapist had a son Sergey and a daughter Elena from his first marriage.

– Sergei lives in the USA, he does not know how to write in Russian. I called him on a Facebook phone; as luck would have it, Anatoly Mikhailovich was next to Sergei at that moment. Sergei replied that he was busy for the time being, but later he would call me. This was the end of our contacts. Several times he called him in touch, he ignores … – the man laments.

After that, Fushtei admits, he had a plan: to apply to the courts, so that Themis forcibly “persuaded” Anatoly Kashpirovsky to take a paternity test. Boryspil District Court, in the absence of reliable information about the place of permanent residence of the defendant, appealed to the Russian colleagues. Kashpirovsky Sr. is a citizen of the Russian Federation, at one time he even was a member of the LDPR Duma faction.

Alas, they could not provide the address of Kashpirovsky in Russia. Say, send the same request to the United States, citizen Anatoly Mikhailovich Kashpirovsky, according to our information, is now there.

Meanwhile, Sergei Kashpirovsky, with whom Alexey Fushtey called up unsuccessfully, ended up in the New World not from a good life.

In the dashing 90s, when Anatoly Mikhailovich was at the peak of popularity not only in Russia and Ukraine, threats began to come to him. Like, you need to share. And if you play niggardly, one of your children will one day not return home unharmed. Kashpirovsky managed to save 15-year-old Sergei from kidnapping by ferrying him to the USA.

With her daughter Elena, who also flew over the ocean in those years and seemed to have every chance to start a successful career, it turned out more difficult. And more dramatic. In her native Vinnitsa, where her dad initially worked as an ordinary doctor in the psychiatric hospital named after A. I. Yushchenko, Elena was famous for her remarkable mental abilities, and she also played quite decently on several musical instruments. The girl could grow up to be a successful performer, but she decided to follow in her father’s footsteps. That is, she also entered the Vinnitsa Medical Institute. She got married while still a junior student (according to rumors, her dad picked up the groom for Elena). Alas, her parents’ marriage has cracked. Elena’s mother Valentina Nikolaevna went to live in Canada, leaving 20-year-old Lena and 15-year-old Sergei in the care of her father.

In the 90s, Anatoly Kashpirovsky sent Elena and her husband to America, since by that time he was well known there. Elena quickly mastered English, continued her studies and began to practice in a new environment for herself.

If Elena Kashpirovskaya’s career was clearly going uphill, the lady’s personal life did not work out. As soon as the daughter Inga appeared in the family, the couple broke up.

Grandfather, that is, Anatoly Kashpirovsky, by that time acquired American citizenship. How could I help my daughter and granddaughter. Inga became a three-time US karate-do champion.

Elena tried to “cure” the psychological breakdown due to her divorce from her husband by moving to Toronto (Canada) to her mother. She did not remarry. She worked in her specialty, at the same time she performed and recorded her own melodies.

On March 8, 2018, fifty-year-old Elena Kashpirovskaya took her own life. A native of Vinnitsa was buried in the “Polish” sector of the Central Cemetery of the Ukrainian regional center. Next to Yadviga Nikolaevna Kashpirovskaya and Mikhail Yakovlevich Kashpirovsky – the parents of Anatoly Kashpirovsky.

In order to clarify a number of delicate points, “MK” turned to Fustey. Alexey Anatolyevich works as a coach of mixed martial arts in the Divas sports club, which is in the village of Chubinsky, Boryspil district, Kiev region. At the same time, he is engaged in medical practice, is a member of the Association of Chiropractors of Ukraine.

– How long have you “hatched the Kashpirovsky genes”?

– When I was 20 years old and I was an active MMA fighter. At the next competition, I once thought: why is it so easy for me to heal others? We massage each other’s backs in training. Nobody taught me about bone-setting. Meanwhile, I know how to set the neck, make complex backs. Where did this gift come from? ..

– Do you somehow explain the “strategy of non-recognition” chosen by Anatoly Mikhailovich for yourself? Your mom once rashly admitted that her former boss in the 90s was a real sex maniac …

– In my case, any selfish motives are completely absent. I think my father figured it out right away. Our correspondence with him simply radiates “family” warmth; when some impostor talked to him, the tone of Anatoly Mikhailovich’s answers would have been much cooler.

– What is your brother Sergey doing in the USA?

– I heard a rumor that he is immersed in sports. Either he still participates in competitions, or a coach (like me), or a sports functionary. I just wanted to ask him about this when I first heard his voice. Did not work out…

– Is your mother Svetlana Konstantinovna now in Chubinsky?

– No, he lives in the Zaporozhye region. Get closer to your relatives.

– Have you consulted with her about a real opportunity to see your father this spring?

– Not yet. You know about the ban on travel from Ukraine to Russia …

– Nevertheless, people fly from Kiev via Minsk. And private road carriers all the time offer Ukrainians delivery through the State Border.

– I am quite busy at my main job, and I am also continuing an intensive course of study with the head of the Association of Chiropractors of Ukraine Vitaly Kazakevich. It is impossible to go to Kherson for practical training because of the quarantine restrictions, we communicate virtually …

– Have you already visited the grave of your sister Elena in Vinnitsa at the Central Cemetery?

– I’m just going.

Alexey Fushtey is a graduate of the National Pedagogical University. M. Dragomanova (specialty “human health”). If Anatoly Kashpirovsky in his youth possessed the badge of the USSR master of sports in weightlifting, Alexey, in addition to his passion for mixed martial arts, successfully played hockey as part of the Kiev Sokol, even became the champion of Ukraine. But after 18 years he decided not to waste his time, focusing on martial arts. He twice won the Kiev championships in pankration, as an MMA fighter won several tournaments of the all-Ukrainian level.

A year ago, the successful coach and his mother, Svetlana Konstantinovna, starred in a 48-minute program of the famous federal television channel. Of all the ardent fans of Anatoly Mikhailovich, carefully selected into the group, as it is clear from the film, then only one Svetlana became pregnant. The rest “got off with a slight fright.” Although it was impossible to deny intimacy to your idol, these same ladies admit.