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The girl turned down the proposal of love, but the head of the love pushed the moving train, give …



The girl turned down the proposal of love, but Sirikaire pushed Ashik off the moving train, see VIDEO

At Mumbai’s Khar station, a madman, Aashiq, pushed a girl who rejected the proposal of love from a moving train. The girl fell down from the train but the people standing on the platform saved her life.

mumbai local crime

After rejecting Pyaar’s propulsion in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Sirfir Ashik pushed the girl from the moving train. Sumedh from Mumbai tried to throw his 21-year-old friend under the Mumbai Local Train. This entire incident was recorded in the CCTV camera. The police has also arrested Sumedha.

Sumedh pushed the girl but other people on the platform saved her life. Seeing the crowd, Sumedh escaped from the spot but was later arrested by the police. The incident happened at Khar Station in Mumbai. According to the information received, both of them work in the same company. After some days of friendship, Sumedh proposed marriage to the girl. Even before the girl said yes, she came to know that Sumedha was an alcoholic. After which he refused to marry the boy.

CCTV Capture Incident

Despite this, Sumedha chased the girl and harassed her, seeing this, the girl’s family members had lodged a complaint with the Nirmal Nagar police station. A few days after the case was registered, Sumedh calmed down but after some time again started his same actions.

Bandra GRP Senior Police Inspector Vilas Chougule said that the girl reached Khar railway station on Friday. During this time, accused Sumedh Jadhav also reached there. He first pretended to jump ahead of the train himself and then tried to push the girl under the moving train. During this time, the railway police personnel rescued the girl. There are 12 stitches on his head, Sumedha escaped from the spot after carrying out the crime. After the information of the case, the police started the investigation and arrested the accused Sumedh in a short time.

Considered the marriage proposal as an insult

Sumedh considered it an insult to the girl to reject the marriage proposal. He was following her for a long time to take revenge, but when the girl’s family lodged a complaint with the police, Sumedh thought it better to remain calm, considering the vulnerability of the occasion.

As soon as the atmosphere got better, Sumedh again got involved in his work. He constantly chased the girl and kept trying to harm her. On Friday, he tried to kill the girl by getting a chance in Sumedha, but she survived the girl’s happiness.

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