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The gallantry of Indian soldiers also seen in the Chinese video, the captain turned the Chinese plans …



The gallantry of Indian soldiers also seen in the Chinese video, the captain turned the Chinese plans ...


  • China admitted for the first time that its soldiers were killed in Galvan
  • Chinese soldiers show the valor of Indian soldiers to the world
  • China wants to show itself victimized through video

New Delhi
The People’s Liberation Army (PLA), the Chinese army that attacked unarmed soldiers in India’s Galvan Valley in eastern Ladakh, for the first time announced the number of soldiers killed in the bloody violence. The PLA claimed that 4 of its soldiers were killed and one was badly injured in the conflict. China released a video about it, which made it clear that our brave Indian soldiers had thwarted Chinese troops’ attempt to infiltrate.

16 Bihar Regiment soldiers showed bravery
Videos and photographs released by China clearly show that the 16 Bihar Regiment personnel had failed the intentions of the Chinese soldiers with complete readiness. It is seen in the pictures taken from the video that the captain of the 16 Bihar Regiment himself took the front and drove the Chinese soldiers back from Indian soil. Let us tell you that this time on the occasion of Republic Day, the valor of this army captain was also mentioned.

China is telling half the truth to the world?
People are surprised at how China, contrary to its nature, confessed to killing its soldiers at the hands of a ‘foreign force’, researcher M. Taylor Fravel at China’s Foreign and Security Policies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Remind that the Chinese army has not told the whole thing. He says that the PLA Daily Story was about the CMC’s Gallantry Awards and the actions of these five soldiers. This story does not give a complete description of the incident nor does it actually inform all the casualties.

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China wants to show itself victimized through video
China released the video and tried to show itself as Victim. China wants to show through this video that India started the violence. Whereas, the whole world is aware of the truth. Researcher Nathan Ruser of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute claimed that the help of the geolocator showed that the skirmish was about 50 meters inside the Indian border. One can see footage of Indian forces marching south of the valley before reaching a cliff and crossing the river. ‘I believe that the stone lies on the green border in the Indian border. In such a situation, it appears to be a correct claim that the Chinese army had penetrated into Indian territory and attacked it.

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Today, talks between the two countries will happen again
The talks between the two countries will be held again today after India and China settled a 9-month-long dispute in the Pangong So Lake area of ​​eastern Ladakh. This will be the 10th round meeting between the two sides. There will be talks between India-China Corps Commander Level officials on Despong, Gogra and Hot Spring. Here the armies of both the countries are face to face.