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The carving here meets the Virat temple, the temple before the Bandhav kings



The carving here meets the Virat temple, the temple before the Bandhav kings

Matarani is in the forest between Siguri turn of Manpur and Sarmania

Umaria. The temple of Maa Jwalamukhi, situated amidst lush green forests, gives evidence of its antiquity. The ancient statue of Maa Jwalamukhi installed in the temple is in grand form. At the same time, the paintings and artifacts done in the walls of the temple resemble the Virat temple of Shahdol. Due to which it is proved to be very ancient. We are talking about Maa Jwalamukhi Temple at village Rohania between Siguri turn and Sarmania of Manpur range of Bandhavgarh National Park. Looking at the construction style of the temple and the artifacts and paintings here, it is being speculated that the said temple was constructed before the rule of Bandhavgarh kings. On the south side of this temple, Bandhavgarh flows the sacred Charan Ganga flowing from the rest of Saiya. In which twelve months clean water flows every day. This river flowing from the temple next to this temple situated in the middle of the forest makes this place even more attractive.
Constant new construction done in the temple
According to the elders, at this place, only the temple of Jwalamukhi Mata is established. After this, the faith of the people gradually increased and a large number of devotees started coming and going. With which efforts to develop the region further intensified. There are several temples in the temple courtyard, with a Visal idol of Shree Hanuman ji of about 25 feet high, Shiva Gauri Temple with about 20 feet high Shiva Jyotirlinga, Ganesh Temple. Where a large crowd of devotees throngs.
The freedom fighter fighter had built an ashram
It is being told that an ashram is also established just behind the temple. Regional Freedom Fighter, self-governing this ashram Moderated by Chhote Lal Patel. Where regional poor children still come to take education. Where they are given education along with all facilities like ashram.

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