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The authorities of the neighboring Kursk region, instead of FAPs under the national project, are erecting fake …



The authorities of the neighboring Kursk region, instead of FAPs under the national project, are erecting fake ...

Authoritative experts at the federal level examined the new Kursk FAPs and assessed their prospects. The results made me think: is it necessary to spend budget funds on national projects that will never justify themselves and will not be able to benefit people?

After the “raid on FAPs” the experts talked to the correspondent of “MK Chernozemye” and determined the “clinical state” of the Kursk authorities, and at the same time made a “diagnosis” of regional medicine.

“Recently, our fellow scientist, Professor of the Department of Health Care Management and Economics at the Higher School of Economics, Vice President of the Evidence-Based Medicine Society Vasily Vlasov made a sad conclusion. He concluded that procurement fraud when embezzling public funds is “probably the most common scenario.” In his opinion, “the fault may be imperfect legislation, and forced practice, and self-interest, and the fact that the funds are controlled only by the leaders of the regions.” But the most unpleasant thing is that, as the professor at the Higher School of Economics said, “as a result, regional leaders are the organizers of the theft,” said experts who visited Kursk. – We will add a little to our colleague and note that in the Kursk region, all unclean schemes can be used not only for purchases, but also for the construction of socially significant objects. For example, FAPs. FAPs built in the region will never work as intended at full capacity. Let us explain why this will happen.

It would seem that the residents of Kursk villages have something to be happy about, because modern modular FAPs are being built for them and now they will really feel that they are taken care of. But no! Everything would be fine, but with the cost of one FAP a little less than 8 million rubles, their functionality is very limited.

In accordance with the order of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation of May 15, 2012 N 543n “On the approval of the Regulation on the organization of the provision of primary health care to the adult population” therapeutic measures. Most likely, this will not be in the Kursk medical “new buildings”. As it turns out, the new Kursk FAPs cannot obtain a license for vaccination and obstetrics due to the fact that Rospotrebnadzor does not have the right to issue a sanitary and epidemiological conclusion on the compliance of FAPs with the required sanitary standards. Therefore, at least, there can be no question of any mass vaccination, including against COVID-19, and the maximum – protection of mothers and children, in these “buildings”.

After a “tour” of new objects in the region, we came to the general opinion that, apparently, the Kursk governor has a “refraction of reality syndrome.” He sees not the objective state of affairs, but only the advantageous side that his deputies show him, in particular, his deputy for health. There are two reasons for this: either Mr. Starovoit blindly believes his subordinates, or he fully shares their position in the construction of sham “Potemkin villages” in the Kursk healthcare system.

As a result, the FAP seems to exist, but it does not seem to exist. And there will be more than three dozen such semi-dummies this year, apparently.

But not one, you know, not one (!) Of the constructed facilities, as we already suspect, will meet the requirements of the supervisory authorities. So the villagers will again have to travel tens of kilometers to the Central District Hospital to get vaccinated or visit an obstetrician.

It turns out that this is what the availability of medical care looks like according to the version of Deputy Governor Belostotsky.

By the way, soon on the Kursk region, with the active participation of the same Belostotsky and with the support of the governor Starovoit, another attack called “centralization of laboratories” will fall. All the problems that were announced earlier are joined by another – hospitals will lose another source of income. After all, as we know, state medical institutions earned money on paid preventive examinations. Now it will be unprofitable to carry out them, since you will have to pay for the analyzes to a third-party organization. And in conditions of colossal underfunding of the industry, this is the last wedge that will be knocked out from under the Kursk healthcare system.

At one of the federal-level meetings on the implementation of national projects, Russian President Vladimir Putin recalled the authorities’ personal responsibility for the results.

“When he emphasized in his message that there is no time for swinging, this is not a figure of speech, not an unaddressed appeal, this is a clear, tough and personal demand for the government, federal departments, regional and municipal teams. I ask you to be guided by it constantly, and not by the reporting dates and the deadline for the execution of orders, ”Putin said then. But the team of the Kursk governor, apparently, did not hear the president … Or heard, but continues to act in its own way.

We will definitely report the criticality of the situation in the region to the heads of federal supervisory bodies. We will bring the information to the Government of the Russian Federation, since the Kursk region may not be the only one where, for the sake of commercial gain, a vital healthcare sector is being destroyed, on which huge budget money is spent, and the result may turn out to be negative. We are sure that the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation will definitely pay attention to the Kursk region, because the current minister has been the head of the federal supervisory body for a long time and is well versed in his business. “

“MK Chernozemye” asks to consider this publication an official request to the territorial body of Rospotrebnadzor and the Prosecutor’s Office of the Kursk region. We ask you to carefully study the arguments given by the experts about the FAPs being built in the region and give an opinion on what is happening.