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Terrorist Khuguev killed in seaside colony wanted to blow up Kobzon



Terrorist Khuguev killed in seaside colony wanted to blow up Kobzon

Khalid Khuguev, nicknamed “Mongol”, convicted of terrorist attacks in the Moscow Intourist hotel and in the Okhotny Ryad shopping center, was killed for his careless words. He was found dead in the medical unit of the seaside colony No. 27, where he was serving his sentence. The killer, a 41-year-old prisoner of the same colony, confessed, saying that Khuguev had offended him. But some believe that it was not a spontaneous, but a well-prepared murder.

Shortly before the incident, Khuguev complained to human rights defenders about his poor health, but did not wait for his turn to be hospitalized in the regional hospital.

REFERENCE “MK”: “Khalid Khuguev was considered the financier of the Chechen field commander Shamil Basayev. Through his company” Khalid “supplies of humanitarian supplies from Georgia to Chechnya were carried out during the armed conflict.

In 1999, on the instructions of Basayev, he organized two explosions. On April 26, the device went off on the 20th floor of the Intourist hotel, where the office of Joseph Kobzon was located. The famous artist patronized the program “Frontline Children of Chechnya”, through which money was transferred to a charitable foundation. Basayev tried to impose a tribute on these contributions, and, having received a refusal, ordered to arrange a terrorist attack. 11 people were injured.

On August 31 of the same year, an explosive device went off near the elevator hall on the lower tier of the Okhotny Ryad shopping center. That incident became the preamble to a whole series of terrorist attacks (including the explosions of residential buildings on Guryanov Street and Kashirskoye Highway). It was believed that Basayev was taking revenge on the then owner of the shopping center Umar Dzhabrailov. 40 people were injured, one died.

Khuguev was soon detained for kidnapping a businessman in Vladikavkaz, and the investigation revealed his involvement in the terrorist attacks. In 2009 he was sentenced to 25 years in prison. “

The incident took place on February 13, on Saturday, in IK No. 27 in the Volchanets settlement of the Partizansky District of the Primorsky Territory (a strict regime colony, designed for approximately 1,100 people).

On this day, Khalid Khuguev was in the medical unit with complaints of high blood pressure and general poor health. There was another prisoner, according to some information, a convict of a detachment of household services, Ruslan, who received his term for kidnapping and extortion. There was a verbal skirmish between the men.

As the killer later stated, Khalid mortally offended him, he pulled out a knife (more precisely, the blade from a clerical knife) and stabbed him in the neck. Mongol died from his injury. The Investigative Committee for the Primorsky Territory has already opened a criminal case under Part 1 of Art. 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (murder).

In favor of the version of the conflict, members of the PMC in the Primorsky Territory speak out.

“I have repeatedly communicated with Khuguev,” says the chairman of the POC Vladimir Naidin. – He was for a long time in a detachment of strict conditions of detention. Met us for the first time, shall we say, not too welcoming. He lashed out with accusations that the PMC is doing little. We did not argue with him.

But in general, he was a man of conflict. He spoke in the spirit: “For me there are no authorities.” He only complained about his state of health.

Last year, his relatives called the POC. An elderly man (my brother, as I understand it) reported that Khuguev had serious health problems. We arrived and saw that he was really feeling bad. The administration of the colony promised us that he would be taken to the republican hospital for examination. But due to restrictions with the coronavirus, it was postponed.

Human rights defenders saw Khalid for the last time in November in PKT (cell-type premises), where he is detained for violations. But what exactly he violated – I will not say. We did not begin to find out, since he did not receive any complaints from him about unlawful actions of employees. He, as usual, talked about feeling unwell and about the delay in diagnosis.

Some experts believe that Ruslan could not have committed the murder simply because of a nervous breakdown. And the convicts do not carry a knife in their pockets, just in case. The suspect was taken out of the colony and placed in a pre-trial detention center.

The colony itself is famous for that frequent change of chiefs (there was a period when it survived six chiefs in four years), at least two escapes and two strange deaths.

One of the escapes was made by a bandit named Galotha, cutting the wire with a makeshift sword. The second – Onik Zargaryan, having climbed into a chest of drawers with a double bottom, which was taken from the colony workshop to the shopping center.

On February 12, 2015, 23-year-old Artem Puzatko was found in the colony. The day before, he contacted his mother from a forbidden phone and asked to urgently send money. The forensic medical examination found no traces of beatings on Artyom’s body, but the relatives were able to examine the body at the funeral, discovering traces of burns, multiple hematomas, fractures, etc.

On August 12, 2017, another convict, Maxim Solodkov, died in the colony. Before that, he managed to inform his mother that “terrible things are happening” in the colony. The Investigative Directorate of the Primorsky Territory announced the initiation of criminal cases on the death of Puzatko (under article 105 of the Criminal Code “murder”) and the death of Solodkov (under article 110 of the Criminal Code “driving to suicide”).