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“Tavrida” helped the Crimeans to realize their ideas



"Tavrida" helped the Crimeans to realize their ideas

Navigation in Sudak

In August 2019, at the forum of young cultural and art workers “Tavrida”, Crimean Darya Tverezovskaya received a grant of 1.8 million rubles for the implementation of the project “Navigation system of the city of Sudak”, which will help tourists to navigate and feel comfortable in the new city.

The project was completed only at the end of 2020, although Daria really wanted to be in time before the start of the holiday season. But the pandemic has made its own adjustments. After the New Year’s holidays, information steles were installed in Sudak. According to the project, ten steles will appear in the resort town with pointers to sights and key objects of Sudak. Daria is glad that everything worked out and there is already feedback.

“Some guests of the city have already appreciated the possibilities of navigation and gave feedback,” says the girl. – In social networks they wrote that they helped someone find their way in an unfamiliar place, others asked how you can do this in their city. I really want the project to be developed and information boards to appear in all tourist settlements in Sudak, and maybe in Crimea. City entrepreneurs have already contacted us with a question whether it is possible in the future to add catering or sports facilities to the map. Now the steles contain up-to-date information about what can be seen in Sudak and how to get to this place, what sights are nearby. Information can be changed and added to update the information.

It should be noted that the shift in terms and the epidemiological situation had a strong impact on the estimate: contractors overestimated prices and the estimate had to be adjusted in agreement with Rosmolodezh. The main thing is that the quantitative indicators have not changed, and these are 10 illuminated steles and 200 tablets.

– I work with young people and I urge them not to be afraid to declare their ideas, says Daria. – Using my example, I will tell you how you can bring your project to life. Not everyone believes. And after our Sudak resident Yana Yakuba won the grant at Tavrida (1 million rubles for the Kulturnoye Selo project – author’s note), many thought, got interested, and questions arose.

“Tavrida” teaches to set goals and go towards them by all means! Thank you all for your help and participation in the project!

Art markets and galleries

Artem Shubin became a member of the anti-visual art school at Tavrida last year. Curator of “Gallery 10” in Simferopol, artist, landscape painter, he praises the wild nature of the Crimea on his canvases. Organizes plein airs in pristine places of the peninsula and performances at unexpected city venues.

“At the forum, I received useful knowledge that an organizer of exhibitions needs,” says Artem. – Leading gallery owners analyzed real examples from the practice of large Russian museums, and participants from all over the country shared their experience in implementing cool projects. There I met Yulia Golovnya from Moscow, who collects information and prepares a project on the history of Crimea as a place of recreation since Soviet times. For example, what swimwear and beach fun were before. Very interesting materials. There is an idea to dilute the exhibition with thematic paintings, because artists are an integral part of our resort.

Artyom Shubin.

Crimea has been an inspiring region for creative people over the years. Today “Tavrida” has become such a place. Getting into your get-together according to your interests, you find like-minded people, exchange experiences, pronounce ideas, find support for the implementation of ideas. This is a great opportunity to improve your organizational skills. Artem improved his plein airs by adding an educational part to them.

“We invite artists, gallery owners from St. Petersburg and Moscow, who tell us how to form a portfolio, how to position ourselves in the art market,” says Artem. – Also, together with Irina Pivkina, we organized the first contemporary art fair in Crimea “SimfArtFair – 2020”. On one site, we gathered art galleries, art associations and professional institutions from the field of the arts of Simferopol, allocated the same areas to everyone, and each formed one of his own small exhibitions inside the large one. We will definitely continue to develop the cultural environment of our republic.

Drummer with medal

In the spring, the art cluster launched a social project “Tavrida for Children”. Residents conducted master classes in various creative areas – from dancing to acting. Over two months of implementation, more than 17 thousand children from 75 regions of Russia took part in the project. Crimeans have become one of the most active audiences for master classes. Timur Belobrov from Simferopol was twice a participant in the Tavrida forum, and for his active life position he was awarded a medal and gratitude from the President of Russia.

On the online platform of the art cluster, he held music master classes for children from all over the country.

Timur Belobrov.

– I have a Wish list group, where I play percussion instruments, drums, I tour a lot and perform at Tavrida events. Therefore, I was invited to teach master classes for children during self-isolation. During the lessons we studied notes, played, knocked on everything that makes sounds – a chair, a pencil case, especially pots. I immediately warned my parents about this, – laughs Timur.

Today Timur works in the 112 service, speaks with his group. She dreams of getting to Tavrida in the summer, showing that he has become a cut above, and then moving to Moscow to devote himself to music.

“The most important thing that Tavrida gave me was motivation and a desire to strive forward,” the drummer admits. – Getting to the site, you forget about all the difficulties, there is only creativity. You are doing something cool, valuable that not only you will enjoy. All participants are bright people, radiate love and burn with deeds that have become the meaning of their lives. This unites us.

Grand plans

Despite the difficult events of 2020, Tavrida has proved that you can work and create in any conditions. The past year has become the starting point for the launch of new projects of the art cluster. Tavrida has once again established itself as a platform that unites creators and contributes to their self-realization. 32 thousand young people aged 18 to 35 years became participants in the projects of the art cluster, more than 500 experts conducted various educational formats, 104 million rubles. grant support was issued for the implementation of the best creative projects, 135 murals and graffiti were created throughout Russia, 10 new art objects were added to the project’s art park in Sudak, 45.5 million views were received by live broadcasts of events. In 2020, Tavrida became the first offline forum in Russia after the pandemic.

“For security reasons, we were forced to cut the number of participants in educational formats by half,” says Sergey Pershin, general director of the Center for the Development of Cultural Initiatives and the head of the Tavrida art cluster. – But for those who could not attend in person, we organized streams of our lectures, concerts, master classes and meetings. One of the innovations of the forum was the presentation of a special prize for young workers of contemporary art. Experts chose the winner from among the participants in each anti-school. 10 young and talented participants of the forum became laureates of the award. Each received a production support contract for a year.

In September, within the framework of the Tavrida – ART festival of festivals, the largest casting platform began its work: 5 thousand young creators from all over Russia took place over 120 online castings in 10 creative areas. Some of the festival participants have fulfilled their dreams and performed on the same stage with famous artists.

This year, if the epidemiological situation is favorable, everyone will be able to visit the territory of the Tavrida art cluster and see live installations and art objects designed by the forum participants. The organizers of the project are discussing the possibility of opening the territory for residents and guests of the Crimean peninsula. And soon, near Sudak, the first stage of capital construction of the year-round educational center for young workers of culture and art “Art-residence“ Tavrida ”will begin. Residential buildings, workshops, a food zone will be erected on its territory, part of the bridge roads will also be built and work will begin to improve the site.