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Tandav web series controversy: Tandav’s producer Aparna Purohit was asked in Lucknow …



Tandav web series controversy: Tandav maker Aparna Purohit questioned in Lucknow, UP police to take action?

Aparna is responsible for which webseries she approves. After which the makers shoot content on that story. It is obvious that the content that was shown in this webseries is solely on Aparna’s shoulders.

Aparna Purohit

Aparna Purohit, head of original content of Amazon Prime Videos, arrived in Lucknow today to record his statement. He also recorded his statement this afternoon at Hazratganj police station. At present, the investigation of the case is going on, the police was instructed by the court not to arrest anyone. But he was also asked to continue the investigation. After which the statements of all are being recorded. The police will file their charge sheet in the court in this case.

Aparna is responsible for which webseries she approves. After which the makers shoot content on that story. It is obvious that the content that was shown in this webseries is solely on Aparna’s shoulders.

Arrest is on hold

On 4 February, the Allahabad High Court stayed the arrest of Aparna Purohit, the content head of Amazon Prime. He has the responsibility to pass the content of Amazon Prime and an FIR was registered against him in the Controversy of Tandava web series. Aparna Purohit had filed a petition for anticipatory bail in this case in the court.

Supreme court has expressed its displeasure

On January 27, during the hearing in this case, the Supreme Court refused to grant relief to all the makers from arrest, had asked to go to the High Court for all relief but also commented that why do you guys create such content People’s feelings flare up.

The sentiment of the audience was hurt

There have been allegations about the series that some such scenes have been shown in the film, which has hurt the sentiment of the audience. At the same time, Madhya Pradesh Police has registered two FIRs in Jabalpur and Gwalior against the makers of Amazon Prime Web Series ‘Tandava’. The series team has also demanded cancellation of both these FIRs in their petition.

Despite the apology by the director of ‘Tandava’, there was no uproar over it. People have demanded to ban the series. There was a lot of anger among the people about the series. Now it has to be seen that what the Supreme Court decides on the petition of the team of the series, i.e. on Wednesday. Will he get relief from the Supreme Court or will the people’s sentiment be seen against the series? This is an important question.

Know why the series was opposed?

Actually, Mohammed Zishan Ayub is shown doing a play in the series as Lord Shiva. This scene is shot as a theater festival on a college campus. Zeeshan has a character named Shiva in the series.

An actor in the theater festival says- “Bholenath Prabhu Ishwar, these Ram Ji’s followers are increasing day by day on the social media. It seems that we should also create a new social media strategy. ” Shiva says – “What to do, I should add a new photo.”

The actor says- “Bholenath, you are very naive, just do something new but just tweet something new, something sensational, some flaming Shola, as all the students on campus have become traitors, raising slogans of freedom and freedom.” After this, Shiva says- “Azadi… what the…. (Beep) When I went to sleep, freedom was a cool thing. Have you gone bad now? Then looking at the students, ask- Yes brother, what do you want freedom from?

Changes in the series after the ruckus

This scene which we told you above, there was a lot of ruckus on it. Now the makers have removed this entire scene. Now if you watch the series, you will find that Zeeshan is seen as shown in the beginning, in the role of Shiva, but after that the conversation between him and his co-star is cut off from the series. Has been given. After showing Shiva directly, the scene is jumped when the police capture and take Shiva’s friend Imran from the theater.

This original series of Amazon Prime Video has been accused of hurting religious sentiments. In fact, the producer of the series Himanshu Mehra, actor Mohammad Zeeshan Ayub and Aparna Purohit, head of Amazon Prime Video India, had filed a petition in the Supreme Court to quash the FIR lodged against them in different states of the country.