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Take the tingling of hands and feet seriously, may be a sign of serious illness



Take the tingling of hands and feet seriously, may be a sign of serious illness

If you sit in the same posture for a long time, there is a problem of tingling in your hands and feet. During prolonged sitting in the same place, there is a tingling in the hands and feet, it is not expected of any disease. Due to the tingling (tingling) in the hands and feet, your hands and feet become numb for some time, during this time you feel pain like pricking.

At such a time, you feel unable to move hands and feet. In addition, tingling can also occur due to internal injury in any part of the body, more tingling in our body is not good for our health. In such a situation, it is prudent to consult your doctor. There may be different reasons for the problem of numbness and numbness in the arms and legs. Some diseases like thyroid, diabetes, stroke and many other diseases also cause problems of numbness and numbness in the arms and legs. In such a situation, please contact the doctor.

Take the tingling of hands and feet seriously

  1. We stay asleep for the same length of time in the night, due to which our feet or hands become numb or tingling in it, in the meantime there is no feeling of touching any part of the hand or foot which is tingling. it happens. Also we are unable to move our hands and feet. A little pain is also felt. Massaging the place for a while can reduce the tingling of hands and feet. If the tingling does not go away after the massage, then some disease can be expected.
  2. Due to lack of blood circulation, there is also a tingling in hands and feet. If blood circulation is not done properly in our body then it affects in our veins, due to which oxygen does not reach properly in different parts of our body and we may have to face tingling and numb state.
  3. If we are suffering from a disease related to nerves, our hands and toes and joints become numb, our hands and feet feel that as soon as someone pierces the needle, this pain is sometimes unbearable. In this case, get treatment from a doctor.
  4. Do not ignore it if your fingers and wrists have long tingling or they become numb. These symptoms may be due to carpal tunnel syndrome disease, in which the middle vein of the wrist which goes to the arm and arm, the middle vein may be complained of tingling in the fingers.

Reason for continuous typing

Tingling in the hands is also due to continuous typing, too late typing in laptop, mobile and computer also affects the nerves of the wrist. Nowadays, people sit in the same position for hours and play on mobile, for a long time, keeping their hands in the same position also causes a tingling in the hands.

Your sitting method will save you from pain, keep in mind during Work Form Home

Due to pinched nerve

Tingling of the waist or neck vein also causes tingling in the feet, tingling in our feet and hands can also be due to injury, sitting incorrectly. Spinal cord damage creates pressure on the surrounding nerves. In this case, the problem of cervicals starts. This also makes the hands and feet numb.

Getting pregnant

Some pregnant women also have occasional foot tingling. In women who have flat feet, which puts pressure on their veins, there is a tingling in the feet.

Excess alcohol consumption

The problem of tingling in hands and feet can also occur to those people who consume more alcohol. Due to excessive consumption of alcohol, cells start tingling, which makes the hands and feet numb.

Due to tingling or numbness in hands and feet


Diabetes is also the cause of tingling in hands and feet. That is why your sugar should be checked periodically and special attention should be paid to medicines and proper food.

These diseases are eradicated from the root by drinking hot milk daily, it is like nectar for women


We often ignore illnesses, stiffness and tingling in the hands and feet can also be caused by thyroid. The hands and feet also become numb due to a mess in the thyroid gland of the throat, or there is a tingling in the hands and feet. In such a situation, get a doctor treated and get your blood tested.

Vitamin deficiency

Lack of vitamins also causes tingling in our hands and feet. There may be complaints of tingling and numbness in the hands due to lack of vitamin B12. Due to proper advice from the doctor, you can take vitamin medicines.



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