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Sweating coming in February sunlight, will all the old records of summer break?





  • Meteorological Department officials estimate, this may be the hottest in many years
  • The average maximum temperature so far was 23.9 degrees, the end of the month may be 27.
  • There was no ‘cold day’ in Delhi-NCR this month, nor did any cold wave occur on any day
  • Clear sky and reduced temperature due to western disturbances increase maximum temperature

New Delhi
The temperature in the country’s capital is increasing. If the situation remains like this then this time February is going to prove to be the hottest in the last few years. According to meteorological officials, the average maximum temperature as of Thursday was 26.3 degrees Celsius. The average maximum temperature is generally 23.9 degrees in the month of February. IMD estimates that mercury will increase further in the next three days. According to experts, the average maximum temperature for this month can be around 27 degrees Celsius. There has not been a single cold wave this month.

In the month of February this year, the minimum temperature has been around normal but the maximum temperature has been above normal. Most of the day’s maximum temperature was recorded at 4-7 degrees Celsius above normal. According to experts, the reason behind this was the clear sky of Delhi.

This time February may be one of the hottest. Last year, where six Western distributions impacted the region, only one has passed this month. The result is that only one day, on February 4, there was very light rain. Due to Western disturbance, it is cloudy, the sun is hidden and the temperature is low during the day.

Kuldeep Srivastava, Head of Regional Weather Forecasting Center of IMD

The temperature did not go beyond 30 for two years but…
Meteorological Department officials said that the maximum temperature usually reached 30 degrees in the last week of February but in Delhi itself, the mercury rose to 30 degrees on 11 February. In the last two years, it did not happen in the month of February that the temperature during the day had reached 30 degrees. IMD data show that the maximum temperature for a day in February 2020 was 27.8 ° C. On February 22 of 2019, a maximum temperature of 28.1 degrees was recorded.

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Cold days or cold wave conditions usually last 10 days in early February. The Meteorological Department has not made any such forecast for further. IMD says that maximum and minimum temperatures will start rising from 22 February. The maximum temperature will be between 30-31 degree Celsius while the minimum is expected to be between 12-13 degree Celsius.