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Surat metropolitan election – read this news before going to polling station or not …



Surat metropolitan election - read this news before going to polling station or not ...

– Deployment of health team at polling stations for the first time… Thermal checking of all voters will be done

– COVID -19 test and voting in the last one hour if the body temperature is above normal

– To press EVM button, voters will get use and throw hand globs


Teams of health officials have been deployed at the polling station for the first time during the COVID-19 epidemic. This team will examine the temperature of each person who comes to vote. Use and throw hand globs will be given to all voters. It is mandatory to wear a mask to enter the polling station.

Manpa Health Department informed that a team of Health Department has been appointed at each polling station. This team will make special arrangements for the voters if the body temperature is above normal. If the body temperature of a voter comes to 100.40 fahrenite or more. After this, they will be seated fifteen minutes apart in the shade. After this, the temperature will be checked again. Even after this, if the temperature is more than 100.40, then they will be informed about the other problem. Other symptoms of COVID-19 such as cough, phlegm, headache, vomiting, no taste or smell will be examined. If any of these symptoms appear, the health officer will inform the voter to his nodal officer. Also, that voter will be sent to the nearby COVID-19 Testing Center. Such voters will be given a token / certificate by the polling station officer to vote in the last one hour of polling. Such voters will vote in masks, faceshield and plastic use and throw hand globs before coming to the polling booth.

Masks and social distancing followed

Thermal checking of voters will be done by Thermalgun by health workers, paramedical staff and Asha sisters near the main entrance of each polling station. They will be given entry only after the hand of the voters is sanitized. Security of the polling station has been tightened by police personnel, home guards, civil defense, NCC officers. Voters standing in the queue will enter the polling station following social distance. Keeping in view the system at the polling station, separate three queues of men, women and senior citizens have been formed. Preference will be given to the disabled and senior citizens to enter the polling station.

Voters will be given a hand globs (use and throw) to sign in the voter register and press the button of the ballot unit for voting. At the same time, voters will be allowed to enter the polling station only on wearing masks. All the people in the queue have been instructed to stand six feet (two yards) away. On reaching the voters’ center in large numbers, they will have to wait for their turn to come from outside the polling booth due to social differences.



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