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BJP’s use of this slogan is fine, but Congress is also not behind

face. Spiritual closeness with God is realized by greeting Jai Siyaram and Jayshreeram but, this time the echoes of Jai Siyaram and Jayshriram are loudly heard during the Surat metropolitan election campaign. The interesting thing is that not only BJP but BJP also has avoided any kind of expression this time of greeting. On Friday, the election campaign of the Surat Municipal Corporation came to an end, now the tone of this greeting echoed throughout the city.
In every election, slogans have great importance and not in local body elections, but during the assembly and Lok Sabha elections, every time the election slogans change in the ears of the people. This time, soon after the announcement of BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the Modi government’s slogan was heard all over the country. Turning the pages of the political history of Surat, Gujarat and the country, it is known that slogans have changed many governments. On Friday, the noise of the election campaign of the six municipal corporations of Gujarat, including the Surat Municipal Corporation, has come to a halt and voting will be held in all the municipal corporations on Sunday and this time the echo of Jai Siyaram and Jayshreeram is also heard during the election campaign. The reason behind this is said by political experts that the foundation stone for the construction of Prabhu Shri Ram’s temple was done in Ayodhya Dham between the last coronation period and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and Vishwa Hindu Parishad from January 15 to February 15, taking the price of constructing the Rashtriya temple from Shri Ram temple. The campaign to reach crores of people of the country was also waged. As a result, Jai Siyaram and Jayashreeram have generally spoken in Indian culture as an election slogan in the Gujarat municipal elections. Not only this, make preparations for the coronation, saffronishers are coming… The slogan also echoed during the Surat Municipal Corporation elections.

-Congresses also said from the stage, Jayshreeram

In general, in the last elections, the Congress has been avoiding such slogans and many of its leaders have also shied away from calling and invoking Bharatmata. But, this time during the Surat Municipal Corporation election campaign, along with BJP, Congress workers have also echoed Jai Siyaram and Jayashreeram during the public meeting in the street and society. Not only this, in some wards, the Congress candidates called Bharatmata Ki Jai and Jayshreeram before the public address and addressed all of them, later addressed.

Candidates reached the court of mother

All the BJP candidates of Ward 18 and 19 of Surat Municipal Corporation visited Aimata on Friday at the Sirvi Samaj Wadi located on Aimata Road in Parwat Patia area. A meeting of the Sirvi Samaj was also held on this occasion in Wadi. Among the BJP candidates who visited the temple in Wadi, Dinesh Rajpurohit, Gamer Desai, Vijay Chaumal, Nagar Patel, Ramila Patel etc. were present.