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Stop LEGAL UNLIMITALITY is required in Kyrgyzstan



Stop LEGAL UNLIMITALITY is required in Kyrgyzstan

Dear Sadyr Nurgojoevich!

On February 4, 2021, according to the pre-trial investigation of Nurmat Mambetakunov, an employee of the State Committee for National Security of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Pervomaisky court adopted a preventive measure against me in the form of arrest and detention in the detention center of the State Committee for National Security of the Kyrgyz Republic until April 4. The main charge brought against me is that I allegedly obtained a license for educational activities of the International Medical University LLC (MMU LLC) through corruption.

Sadyr Nurgozhoevich! All my life I have devoted to the development of science, education, work on discoveries that make various production processes more perfect. I was engaged and still participate in scientific developments that can and should work for the good of Kyrgyzstan, for its prosperity and development. Thanks to my knowledge and experience, my connections in the scientific world, I managed to support the opening of several educational institutions in Kyrgyzstan, introduce new technologies, actively participate in the educational, scientific, and cultural development of the country.

Everything I did was always within the law!

The campaign, which was organized against me and my family, has been going on for several years. She puts an end to not only all my achievements, but also the development of the Kyrgyz Republic! Without false modesty, I will say that few people in the Kyrgyz Republic have invested so much effort not just in improving, but in the development of science, culture and education in the country. Yes, I am the mastermind behind the creation of many companies, including the International Medical University. But is it a crime to share your ideas, knowledge, experience? Is it a crime to wish the best for your country, to strive for its prosperity?

I am afraid that after all the unjust and illegal actions against me, hardly anyone would want to do science and education in Kyrgyzstan. All these manipulations, performed out of envy, self-interest, or the desire to “squeeze out” a business, will nullify all progressive aspirations. With such violations of the law, it is hardly necessary to talk about any reforms either …

Sadyr Nurgozhoevich, I am ready to answer each point of the accusations against me! I hope and believe that you, as the President of the Kyrgyz Republic, will be able to understand this situation and put an end to it. Not only me and my loved ones, all the people of Kyrgyzstan are waiting for you to ensure the rule of law. “Freedom from injustice, freedom from lawlessness, freedom from irresponsibility of officials” – these are your slogans and the Kyrgyz people believed you. And now is the time to start putting them into practice!

Only facts

Dear Sadyr Nurgozhoevich, I would like to draw your attention to the facts that prove that the accusations against me are far-fetched and fabricated by the investigation.

1. Under license for International Medical University LLC.

LLC “MMU” was founded by the company “Astrum-Bereket”, the founder of which is the son of my older brother Sultan Myrzabekov. Ibraeva Indira Abdyzhaparovna, a native of the Issyk-Kul region, was involved in the preparation of obtaining a license. She submitted all documents to the licensing department of the Ministry of Education and Science. The premises, material and technical base, data on the teaching staff were demonstrated to the members of the licensing commission.

I draw your attention to the fact that educational institutions of Kyrgyzstan DO NOT pay this type of tax as VAT, and “MMU” was created in the form of an LLC, and pays VAT to the state. To date, more than 90 million soms have been paid to the budget.

The process of obtaining a license took place exclusively within the framework of the law. Moreover, after the first submission of documents to the Commission of the Licensing Council, the license was refused. After eliminating all the shortcomings and fulfilling the commission’s comments, the documents were submitted again, and only after all repeated inspections were carried out, the Licensing Council issued a license.

I am accused of putting pressure on Minister of Education Elvira Sarieva and State Secretary of the Ministry of Education and Science Kalys Shadykanov to obtain a license. But I never had the opportunity, the tools, or the authority to exert any pressure on these officials! In principle, I did not participate in the process of obtaining a license for MMU!

While working in the ZhK and being a member of the Transport and Communication Committee, he never participated in meetings of the Committee on Social Protection, Health, Education and Science.

2. Money for the reconstruction and development of the university.

For the reconstruction and renovation of the International Medical University, the university received a loan in the amount of US $ 3 million. At present, the equipment of MMU can be compared with the best universities not only in the Kyrgyz Republic, but also in Central Asia as a whole.

In order for a medical university to comply with the license requirements for such educational institutions, it is necessary to have its own clinic or hospital. Currently, MMU is the founder of the Avicenna Medical clinic, in which, after the completion of the repair and reconstruction, 21 departments and a hospital with 600 beds will function. For the construction and reconstruction of the hospital premises, as well as for the purchase of medical equipment, MMU took a loan from Demir Bank in the amount of US $ 1,700,000 and from JSCB “Kyrgyzstan” $ 400,000. According to the agreement, by the end of August, interest is paid on loans, and from September will be repaid and the principal amount. The hospital’s work plan has been drawn up so that by September the clinic “Avicenna Medical” would be able to earn money and independently repay loans to the above banks.

The university also took out loans from Halyk Bank and KICB totaling US $ 950,000 to purchase its own buildings. At the moment, due to the pandemic, only interest is payable, and the principal amount will be paid from September.

To date, for the organization of the educational process in the MMU and its affiliated companies, loans have been received from banks of the Kyrgyz Republic for a total of 5,500,000 US dollars. All these loans were received by the International Medical University with the aim of organizing medical education for students from the Kyrgyz Republic, CA countries, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and others at a high professional level.

The highly professional work of the university staff, aimed at training students, including from abroad, as well as the high assessment of graduated specialists, contributes to the popularization of Kyrgyzstan at the international level.

Investment in production

Dear Sadyr Nurgozhoevich, when you assumed the office of president, you said that you consider it your duty to create thousands of jobs and return labor migrants to the country. So, the second project, which is being implemented under my scientific supervision – the construction of a cement plant near the city of Tash-Komur, on the territory of the Nooken district, Jalal-Abad region, will provide several thousand jobs for our citizens. The plant is being built by Kurmanbek LLC and Kurmanbek Plus companies. At the moment, the availability is 40%. A complete set of equipment has already been purchased to ensure the production of cement. Its capacity is 800,000 tons per year. For the construction of the plant, he received a loan from Aiyl Bank OJSC in the amount of USD 5 million and from a Pakistani company – USD 3 million.

To complete the construction, you need about $ 18 million more. An investor from China is ready to invest this amount and complete construction by the fall of 2021. An agreement has already been signed – an intention with an Uzbek company to purchase oil well cement, which is used for deep drilling in oil and gas production.

During the geological study of cement raw materials, and their supply to the state reserve, we have already spent about 2 million US dollars. And for the construction of the infrastructure of the plant (dormitory, office, etc.), this is about 40% of the construction part of the plant, 2,500,000 US dollars were spent. The total cost of building the plant today is $ 10.5 million, of which 90% of the funds are loans and borrowings.

When this cement plant reaches its full production capacity, the budget of the republic will receive over a billion soms annually. I really hope that this project will not be ruined by the legal chaos that is taking place against me.

Confirmed by auditors

The business that I was engaged in after leaving the public office in 2005 is the acquisition of land plots, the construction of residential and non-residential premises and their sale.

Auditing company BDO (Kyrgyzstan) studied in detail each object of purchase and sale of each land plot, residential and non-residential premises, industrial premises. In conclusion, the auditors came to the conclusion that the total amount of acquisitions by me and my close relatives in the period 2006-2015 amounted to 40 million US dollars, including with the use of borrowed funds and loans, and the amount of income from the sale of real estate was about 100 million.

The auditors carried out an audit of all accounts in all banks of the Kyrgyz Republic that belonged to me and my relatives during the period of my work in government positions from 1995-2020. It was concluded that I and my closest relatives did not transfer a single tyyn from abroad, and funds were transferred abroad only to pay for the education of my sons. There was no withdrawal of money to foreign countries.

To date, out of 61 companies in which I was the founder, 46 are closed or I and my closest relatives have left them. Of the remaining 15 companies, 4 are public funds, 4 are educational institutions that do not receive income, 3 companies submit tax reports based on “zeroes”. There are only a few companies operating: Kurmanbek LLC and Kurmanbek Plus LLC are building a cement plant in Nooken district, Jalal-Abad region, Sanat shopping and entertainment complex operates without profit, First Metallurgical Plant LLC operates on borrowed funds.

In 2015, I transferred all working companies to trust management to other companies and individuals in order to ensure the requirements for the status of a deputy of the JK.

None of the 61 companies participated in government tenders or received government loans. All these companies carried out their activities on the money of investors, loans, credits and from their own earned funds. None of these companies caused damage to the state for a single tyin!

Law first

Sadyr Nurgozhoevich, I appeal to you, a person who has experienced the injustice of law enforcement and judicial authorities, a person who himself has gone through the difficult path of a prisoner of this system. In your speeches before the people, you stated that you intend to change a lot in the country, first of all, to eradicate corruption and protect businessmen from legal lawlessness. The dictum of the ancient philosopher Augustine the Blessed is widely known that “a state devoid of justice is something other than a gang of robbers.” I hope that you understand this and will not allow lawlessness in our country.

I very much count on your attention to the situation around me. I ask you to take the fabricated case against me under your personal control, so that the investigation proceeds fairly and impartially, in compliance with the laws of the Kyrgyz Republic.