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“Solid twos”: teachers talked about a sharp decline in student performance



"Solid twos": teachers talked about a sharp decline in student performance

Parents blame the teachers themselves

A month has passed since the return of full-time education. “For control solid twos and threes, the children do not remember the old material, but they do not learn the new one well,” complain the teachers. Many schoolchildren are still unable to fully adapt to normal learning. The majority have a decrease in motivation and problems with the assimilation of new material, as a result, academic performance drops in almost 90% of children. In turn, parents blame teachers for their children’s problems. Adults believe that some teachers themselves relaxed at a distance, and now, instead of filling in the gaps, they bombard students with control and bad grades.

“What is happening now is expected and very sad,” says Elena Aleksandrovna, a teacher of Russian and literature. – The level of most children has dropped very noticeably. Both weak and quite capable students, who need to be motivated, floated seriously. As a rule, no more than 5-10% of students can learn well thanks to self-organization without so-called “kicks” from teachers. The distance student did not affect their academic performance. The rest seemed to have forgotten how to learn during the distance. At the same time, there was a full-fledged distance student in our school, in my subject we analyzed all the topics in detail, wrote dictations and passed oral tests. The situation with the 11th graders scares me the most. When the distance learning resumed in October, the graduates’ parents were only glad that there would be more time for in-depth study of specialized subjects. However, the diagnostics showed that the knowledge gaps in children are very serious, despite the fact that many are engaged with tutors, and there is little time left.

Mathematics teacher Natalya Filimonova notes that, unlike September, after the second leaving for the distance, the children have not been able to return to their normal state for a month.

“The schoolchildren seem to be asleep in class, it is almost impossible to stir them up,” says the teacher. – Naturally, because of this, the pace of the lesson is sharply reduced, we do not have time to patch up past holes and pass new material on time. As a result, more tasks have to be given at home, but this is of little use either, since, apparently, children copy solutions from each other or from the Internet. In September, after a couple of weeks, we reached the same pace of mastering the material as before the pandemic, but now this is not even close. The marks of almost all, except for two gifted and independent excellent students, decreased by about a point. Of course, the main problem is that of the topics covered at a distance, the guys have practically nothing left in their heads. And this is a large volume, after all, we studied remotely for three months. Obviously, this happened due to the fact that the students did not strain too much in the online lessons, because on the same virtual test it was always possible to spy on something on the phone or textbook. But this number does not work on the point.

In the meantime, many parents are sure that the distance education has not benefited teachers either. After the distance learning, many teachers began to overwhelm schoolchildren with independent and testing. This does not help in any way to understand the incomprehensible material, but simply turns education into a system of control, and not giving knowledge.

– My children tried to fully study at a distance, completed all the tasks, but there really was nothing left in their heads, the gaps in knowledge are huge, – says Alisa, the mother of schoolchildren. – Yes, and this is natural, online lessons lasted only 20 minutes, then self-study, some teachers did not conduct classes at all, but simply sent an assignment. As a result, after returning to school, my daughter received her first grade in mathematics. The son in general still cannot get involved in studies, debts in various subjects only accumulate. And the most annoying thing is that we don’t feel any support from the teachers. The children wrote the control sections very poorly, in some classes there are solid two’s, while there are no additional lessons for the laggards. Teachers just drive the program at a wild speed in order to do everything on time, and children drown in incomprehensible material and deuces. Gaps in one topic are layered on top of another, and the situation only gets worse. If this continues, I am afraid that without tutors we will not swim out or we will have to work hard with the children ourselves in the summer.