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Singil .. Ready to Mingle ..



Singil .. Ready to Mingle ..

  • This is a singles day for those who do not want to be with us to party

Today is Singles Day. This is for singles only. There is a reason why Tellare, Valentine’s Day, is celebrating this day. It was put together on February 14 to party with all those who were suffering from ‘not having us’. This day started out as fun for friends and later became very popular. Today, February 15, has become ‘Singles Day’. What could be more than just loving ourselves? True love is when we love ourselves. Then why do we think we do not have Valentine? Cozy if we create our own world and enjoy ourselves with ourselves Most likely. For those who think so, there is a day called Singles Awareness Day (SAD). It will be celebrated on February 15. On this day singles all do things like partying together or going on tours alone. Many people have singles day parties with their friends and family. Those who want to go traveling often go to a carnival in Brazil. Most of these singles day celebrations take place in foreign countries. Singles all party together. Get together to be grand. There are also many occasions when singles who come to a party end up mingling with their loved ones next year on Valentine’s Day. Some even say that today is a good day to understand themselves, self-analyze and correct themselves.

How much did the original get?

Dustin Barnes of Mississippi has been celebrating Singles Day since 2001. He created a group with his friends who were upset that they did not have Valentine’s and started Singles Awareness Day the day after Valentine’s Day. This day started when they were all in high school and continued even after going to universities. Everyone has been following this since 2005. However, the twist is that Dustin Barnes, the inventor of Singles Day, married a girl he met at a Singles Day Group function held at a church. That is why many people attend these parties and even drop the girls singing ‘Singile I Am Ready To Mingile’. Have a singles day this year and enjoy Valentine’s next year. Going to a party as a single and returning as a couple.

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