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Sambit Patra, not Ravi Shankar Prasad .. Sitharaman took ‘insult’ to Modi …



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  • Despite being a South Indian, Sitharaman targeted Rahul Gandhi in typical style
  • Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi told PM Modi two days ago
  • Finance Minister makes the Congress a voice using the word son-in-law in the House

New Delhi
On 11 February, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi press conference called PM Modi a coward, an insult to the martyrs. Rahul may not have guessed that he would get an answer soon. Got this answer only two days later. Generally, whenever Rahul takes an attacking stance on PM Modi, leaders like BJP’s Sambit Patra and Ravi Shankar Prasad have been attacking the mother-son party. But this time the person giving the answer along with the place and the occasion was also different.

The opportunity was for the Finance Minister to respond to the budget discussion in the Lok Sabha. Nirmala Sitharaman took revenge for the humiliation of PM Modi two days ago, the Congress had no hope at all. Despite being a South Indian, Sitharaman attacked Rahul Gandhi in typical fashion. He made the Congress speechless by using the word son-in-law in the House.

Language was English but the style was deadly
Nirmala Sitharaman’s language may have been English, but the antidote seemed completely native. Along with his words, gestures were also giving a different ornament to the speech. She was expressing her confidence in the misuse of the plan by the movement of her hands while taunting the Congress for bringing MNREGA. Pausing while speaking the sentence and highing the pitch on the necessary words was taking him to a different level of speech. In the middle of the speech, thumping the table from the ruling side, it seemed as if the listeners shout at the poet’s best line.

A man referring to son-in-law
When Nirmala Sitharaman said in the House that ‘son-in-law’ in one party government got land in several states (Rajasthan, Haryana). I can give you the details of this. Actually, we are our two. We are the two people overseeing the party. The remaining two people (daughter and son-in-law) will see other things. The Congress may not have imagined such a thing during the discussion on the budget. Opposition MPs were also surprised when the Finance Minister mentioned his son-in-law.

Manmohan Singh connected to PM Modi’s insult
Nirmala Sitharaman linked the insult of PM Modi to the Congress leader and former PM. The Finance Minister said that he carried out baseless attacks on the constitutionally elected Prime Minister. Earlier, he has insulted former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. While he was abroad, Rahul Gandhi tore the copy of the ordinance.

Accused of insulting constitutional institutions
The Finance Minister retaliated on Rahul Gandhi through 10 questions during his answer. Pointing towards Rahul Gandhi, Nirmala clearly stated that Congress leaders create fake discourses, stand with the forces that break the country and insult constitutional institutions. The Finance Minister also said that Rahul Gandhi is the ‘Doomsday Man’ of India. Doomsday Man means the person who speaks of the Holocaust.

Join with those who break the country
Nirmala Sitharaman, without naming China, also alleged that Rahul Gandhi signed a party with one country. Talked to a country’s ambassador at the time of deadlock at the border. The Finance Minister said that Rahul Gandhi is a senior member and joins the ‘Breaking India Fringe Group’. During the discussion, the Finance Minister pointed to the walkout of Congress members, including Rahul Gandhi, saying, “When the answer is given, we do not listen or walkout”.