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Sakhalin deputy firefighter fired for obscene songs on TikTok



Sakhalin deputy firefighter fired for obscene songs on TikTok

People’s Deputy Sergey Bulatov explained to subscribers what he intends to do in the toilet

On February 19, Sergei Bulatov, a deputy from the Sakhalin city of Tomari and a member of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, who became scandalously famous throughout the country for swearing chants in TikTok, lost his post in the Legislative Assembly, and earlier – his party card. He left the party on his own, but as for the deputy, the versions differ. According to one, he wrote a letter of resignation himself, on the other, he was expelled by the deputies. But in any case, Bulatov ceased to be a legislator and returned to work as a firefighter. Whether he continues to sing is unknown.

Little is known about Bulatov. According to Sakhalin media reports, he was born in 1982. Graduated from Yuzhno-Sakhalin Industrial and Economic College in 2008. In 2013, he became a member of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, and in 2017, with the support of the Communists, he was elected a deputy to the assembly of the Tomarinsky urban district. At the same time, Bulatov did not finally leave his work as a firefighter of the Tomarinsky fire brigade, because he was listed as a deputy on an unreleased basis.

Before the election, as the Sakhalin residents say, Bulatov talked with Gennady Zyuganov and told him that there was no party work in the region: there was no saying, “no posters, no brochures, nothing”. Bulatov did not tolerate this: “I have the feeling that my presence in the party is just for show, but I don’t want to. And I want to help people solve as many issues as possible. But for this I need the help of the party, ”Bulatov wrote to Zyuganov.

The party helped. However, this did not work for the fireman deputy.

Social networks recently blew up a video recording an obscene song performed by Zyuganov’s protege. Society from what they saw and heard fell into shock, and the leadership of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and the Tomarinsky Legislative Assembly – into a rage. As a result, an official and party investigation began against the singer, and the scandalous video from the networks was quickly removed. However, if you try, you can find it, which we did.

Here the deputy, sparkling with dark glasses and smiles, cuts the Sakhalin expanses in his right-hand drive car and, due to the opportunities given to him by nature, sings along to the receiver or player, alternating the chorus “I will draw in the snow” with the swearing words in the video. In especially favorite musical places, the deputy throws the steering wheel on the go and waves his hands to the beat of the melody and spreads his fingers with a fan.

It can also be seen that from the back seat the People’s Deputy are diligently singing along and also “making a pen” by two young ladies, not missing, of course, and obscene words. Their faces and figures on the surviving recording cannot be seen, but local media insist that they are children. And this completely removes the idea of ​​a communist deputy beyond the framework of good and evil.

It is difficult to understand what song this combined choir is singing. You can only see that he sings from the heart, and in general it is good for a person: life is a success

There is, if you look properly in the virtual space, and the second wonderful video with an entertainer from the same deputy Bulatov. There already everything happens in residential interiors and without a mat. The member of the Legislative Assembly simply explains to the audience what goes to the toilet, as well as what and with what parts of the body he will do there. And he is cute at the same time to impossibility.

Alas, these pranks were not in vain for Bulatov. He left his now former party comrades himself (“I can’t say that a decision regarding him would unambiguously imply expulsion from the party, after all, much would depend on his explanations, attitude. Everything could have been limited to disciplinary measures. But such a decision he accepted it on his own, “Pavel Ashikhmin, first secretary of the Sakhalin regional party committee, commented on the breakup.

But with the exit from the Legislative Assembly, everything turned out to be more complicated. “He made a decision, wrote a statement on his resignation from the deputies,” the Sakhalin media cite Valentina Novikova, chair of the meeting of the Tomarinsky urban district. – So it is written: “I, Bulatov Sergei Vladimirovich, am relinquishing my powers as a deputy of the meeting …”, but I wrote it incorrectly. It is not he who withdraws from himself the powers, withdraws from him the powers of the assembly. Everyone voted unanimously, an unprecedented and outrageous case, so we don’t even intend to keep such a deputy! ”

Whatever it was, but Sergey Bulatov finally returned to his native fire station. Whether he continues to sing there, is unknown.