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Rinku Sharma murder case: Crowd attack on accused’s house, tension continues in the area



Rinku Sharma murder case: Crowd attack on accused's house, tension continues in the area


  • Religious organization activist Rinku Sharma’s death constantly
  • Angry mob ransacked one accused’s house on Saturday
  • Security forces march across the area, situation tense

New Delhi (Mongolpuri)
In Mangolpuri, the murder of Rinku Sharma, an active member of the religious organization, is continuously catching up. In the case, however, the police arrested the murder accused and sent them to jail within a few hours. However, along with the resentment of the local people, the order of political reactions continued. The Rinku massacre trended on social media on Saturday as well. In view of the family’s allegations and questions arising on the theory of the local police, the investigation of this case was also handed over to the Crime Branch. Now the crime branch will reveal the real reason for the murder.

Meanwhile, on Saturday for the second consecutive day, angry people vandalized the house of an accused Nasruddin despite the promptness of the police force. Angry people broke the door and window of the accused’s house while shouting slogans. Then entered the room and ransacked several items of the house. However the policemen present later removed the crowd from there. Later in the afternoon, a team from the Crime Branch inspected the opportunity. The forensic team gathered evidence from the crime scene. Keeping in mind the allegations, the Crime Branch will investigate the incident afresh. The police of Mangolpuri police station also accompanied.

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On the other hand, from Saturday morning, the process of people coming from different organizations at Rinku Sharma’s house continued. In view of the tense situation in the area, a large number of Delhi Police and paramilitary forces personnel have been deployed. People who came to Rinku Sharma’s house kept shouting slogans throughout the day. On Saturday afternoon, a woman and people gathered in support of her reached Rinku’s house shouting slogans. After staying there for some time, all of them reached the house of one of the accused Nasrudin in the same street and broke the window door shouting slogans. Striking the door with a brick and foot, the attackers entered the room and vandalized it. Seeing the tension, the force marched all over the area.

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In fact, Rinku’s brother Manu Sharma claims that in August last year, a march was carried out in Ayodhya over the construction of Ram temple. Rinku participated extensively in this. After March, the accused were heard from Rinku’s family members. They were threatening to kill in this same enmity. On Wednesday night, the accused reached her house and started quarreling. During this, one of the accused attacked Rinku with a knife. While Rinku was in the hospital, it is alleged that the accused beat him up at that time as well. Rinku died during treatment on Thursday morning.


There is tension in the area after the murder of Rinku Sharma. (File photo)