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Revealed: Preparations were made to go to India Gate after Red Fort, 50 WhatsApp groups are spreading …



Revealed: Preparations were made to go to India Gate after Red Fort, 50 WhatsApp groups are spreading ...


  • On the day of Republic Day, there was preparation for going to India Gate after the Red Fort of Red Hoodies.
  • Crime scene recreated by taking Deep Sidhu-Iqbal Singh to Red Fort
  • 50 WhatsApp group spreading rumors related to Tractor Rally were also identified

New Delhi
The crime branch reached Lal Quila on Saturday on 26 January in connection with the violence that took place during the tractor rally, on Deep Sidhu and Iqbal Singh. The crime scene was recreated to add a string of sequels to Kohram on the Red Fort. A route map to reach the Red Fort was also made that day through both. Accused Deep Sidhu revealed that he intended to go to India Gate with the hoodlings after the Red Fort. But due to the increase in demand, he returned from Lal Qila with increasing force in many places including ITO. After investigation, she returned to Chanakyapuri.

Did not join the movement at the behest of anyone
According to sources connected with the investigation, Deep Siddu and Iqbal were asked how they entered the Red Fort and how many people were with them who were supporting them. How did he reach the ramparts after entering the Red Fort? Its full mapping was done. Information from both was matched to the video. During interrogation, Deep said that he was not associated with any radical organization. Not participating in the movement at the behest of anyone. When Deep was tried to extract the names of the fundamentalists, he refused to be identified with anyone.

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The fun started coming from the support of youth
In police interrogations, he has stated that the lockdown was not working. When the farmer movement started in Punjab, it joined it. The youth supported him fiercely, which made him enjoy it. He came to Delhi on November 27 with a batch of farmers, but then returned. He again reached Delhi before 26 January. Decided to go to Red Fort from the tractor rally. Sukhdev Singh, the third accused arrested in the Red Fort incident, is currently in jail in judicial custody.

Deep by-run Deep Sidhu had not changed clothes since 5 days, was looking forward to going to Purnia
Rooted Red Fort Route
Iqbal and Deep Lal Fort took both the route from which the Crime Branch team took them. Its full route was prepared. Police has already captured CCTV footage of these areas. Deep has revealed that after collecting information from the boys present in the movement, he had already taken the route to visit the Red Fort. He claims that he had no intention of committing violence. The Crime Branch team kept investigating both the accused for about an hour. At around 1:50 pm, the Crime Branch team took both the accused back from Red Fort to their Crime Branch office in Chanakyapuri.

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Identification of 50 WhatsApp groups spreading rumors
Sources associated with the cyber cell said that hundreds of mobile numbers were activated 4-5 days before the tractor parade of farmers. The first fake videos were uploaded on these SIMs and shared on the WhatsApp group. 50 such WhatsApp groups have been identified. Their locations and addresses are being investigated. Action can be taken against the members and administrators of these WhatsApp groups.


The scene was recaptured by taking Deep Sidhu-Iqbal Singh to the Red Fort.