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Putin told car owners to be personally responsible for the condition of their cars



Putin told car owners to be personally responsible for the condition of their cars

New technical inspection rules come into force on March 1

The traffic police will have the right to control the inspection of cars, and the traffic cops will “participate” in the inspection of buses. President Putin signed a decree to develop the law on new, stricter inspection rules, which will come into force on March 1, 2021. How it all works in practice – no one can say for sure yet.

The presidential decree, signed on February 19 and published on the official portal of legal information, amends the Regulation on the work of the traffic police. Unlike the previous edition, this service is now authorized to “exercise state control and supervision over the organization and conduct of technical inspection of vehicles”, and directly “participate” in the inspection of buses. What does this mean? And what should drivers expect after March 1? About this “MK” talked with the State Duma deputy, chairman of the public organization of motorists “Freedom of choice” Vyacheslav LYSAKOV (“ER”).

– Does this decree significantly change the situation with the control and supervision of vehicle inspection?

The decree simply brings the current Regulations on the work of the traffic police in accordance with the federal law, which comes into force on March 1. Of the new things, only the participation of traffic police officers in the inspection (MOT) of buses can be noted – this decision was made due to the resonance of accidents on buses: although they happen relatively rarely, but at least a few victims usually happen. How it will look like – whether they will directly participate in maintenance, or selectively check those who conduct it, is not yet clear. I think the traffic cops themselves do not know how they will control and supervise the inspection in general.

– And who until March 1 was engaged in control and supervision over the activities of structures that conduct maintenance?

The Union of Auto Insurers is an organization that, subject to certain requirements, allows operators to enter the market who wish to participate in this business. After all, a few years ago the government took away the right to carry out technical inspection, and transferred it to private owners. Previously, they talked about thieves’ coupons, which were bought from the traffic police, but now it turned out that they were flowers. Berries have grown in recent years, when diagnostic cards (now they are replacing coupons) are simply sold to the CTP policy, brought to your home, and you do not go through any maintenance at all. The latest amendments to the law on maintenance, which were prepared by the Ministry of Economic Development and which will enter into force in a week, are intended to more or less bring order to this market. But I have doubts that it will work: I think that the demand for diagnostic cards will remain without maintenance, and prices will only increase due to risks.

Help “MK”: From March 1, 2021, the procedure for obtaining diagnostic cards will also change. They will have to be issued only at special points, where the car will be photographed before and after the diagnosis, and the card itself must be certified with a qualified electronic signature. Photos and all card data are entered into the Unified Automated Information System for Technical Inspection. In paper form, the card can be obtained only when traveling abroad. The law does not have retroactive effect – those diagnostic cards that were issued before March 1 were declared valid until the expiration date.

– The traffic police, as follows from the text of the law, will be able to cancel fake cards if violations are detected …

– Yes, and at the same time, administrative and criminal liability for violation of the rules for passing maintenance is being tightened both for those who conduct it, and for drivers (for drivers, administrative fines of 2 thousand rubles will earn only in 2022 – “MK”.) In fact, there was a very simple solution, and there would be no need to fence in the garden: there is already software that does not allow printing a diagnostic card if the car has not passed all the stands. If such a program were mandatory, we would cut off the “left” schemes. And in general – in my opinion, technical inspection could be left only for passenger and freight transport, and canceled for motorists, introducing very strict liability for the use of a faulty vehicle.