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Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s picture on 25 paise coin, Ratlam’s Meenaksha …





  • Ratlam’s Meenakshi joined the record books
  • Meenakshi painted personality on 25 paise coin
  • Meenakshi achieved this feat in online competition

The name of Meenakshi, who made the figures of many other great men, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi on a 25 paise coin, has been recorded in the world record. Meenakshi’s name has been recorded in the International Book of World Records, Asia Book of World Records and India Book of World Records.

Meenakshi, a resident of Ratlam’s Mid Town Colony, painted 37 coins of 25 paise with acrylic color, including Narendra Modi, Mahatma Gandhi, the father of many great men. He achieved this achievement by participating in online competition.

Meenakshi, who has an interest in painting since childhood, has a master’s degree in drawing and painting. Exhibition of Meenakshi’s artifacts has also been started in cities like Mumbai, Indore. He thought of making a world record in painting and took part in an online competition in January 2021. He carved the figure of great men, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, through his art, on the coin of 25 paise. For this, Meenakshi used white and black colors.

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It took Meenakshi about 4 and a half minutes to make Meenakshi on a coin. He has made his name in the world record by drawing figures on 37 coins. His next goal is to register his name in the Guinness Book of World Records for small paintings.

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About her success, Meenakshi says that painting is her passion since childhood. He wanted to make a world record in the field of painting. That was when the online competition was revealed. I participated in it and recorded it. She says that she has achieved this success with the support of her family and wants to achieve more such achievements.