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PG in America

I am doing engineering with electronics. My desire is to do PG in America. Which courses and specializations are eligible for PG?

– Prashanth, Ramagundam

If you are interested, you can do MS in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineering. To get a seat in a good university, you have to get over 327 in GRE. Doing an internship at companies like Bosch has a lot of advantages. Try for a better GPA. Also try to get some research papers published before you finish your engineering. Here are some top American university names related to your subject. Some clarity comes when looking.

Here are the details

University of California, Los Angeles: Department of Electrical Engineering: Circuits and Embedded Systems, Physical and Wave Electronics, Signals and Systems

University of California, San Diego: University Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of Electrical Engineering and Communication Theory and Systems, Computer Engineering, elakatraniks Circuits and Systems, elakatranik divaijes and Materials, Intelligent Systems, Robotics and Control, magnetic recording, photonics, radio and spessains, signal and imaging processing, etc. Graduate Program Serving. Then you can do MS, PhD.

University of Southern California: Master of Science in Computer Engineering, Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (Computer Networks), Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (Electrical Power), Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (Multimedia) ), Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (VLSCI Design): Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (Wireless Health Technology), Master of Science in Electrical Engineering etc.

Carnegie Mellon University: MS in Engineering and Technology Innovation Management, MS in Information Technology, Embedded Software Engineering, MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Computer Engineering, MS Information Networking course.

University of Michigan: The university offers two master’s degrees through the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. MS in Electrical Engineering (There are five specializations – Circuits and Microsystems, Applied Electromagnetics and RF Circuits, Optics and Photonics, Solid State Electronics, VLA). MS in Electrical Engineering: (Communications, Control, Energy and Power, Signal Processing, Robotics and Computer Vision.

University of Illinois: The Department of Electrical and Computer Science has a Master of Science degree. It includes a number of specializations related to electrical engineering.

Purd‌ University: The university offers courses in Electrical and Electronic Systems, their component design, development and operation. Provides specializations in Bioengineering, Circuit, Control Systems, Materials, Electromagnetics, etc. The ECE School in Purd offers three master’s degrees. Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Master of Science (MS), Master of Science in Engineering (MSE).

Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta: Bio-engineering, computer systems, software, digital signal processing, electrical energy, elakotramagnatiks, elakatraniks, elakatranik Design and Applications, maikroelakatraniks / maikotrasistams, optics and photaniks, systems and controls, telecommunications, vielaiesaai systems, digital design, there are other specializations.

Cornell University: The Masters in Electrical Engineering includes Energy Systems, Complex Design Systems Design, Technology Management, Biotechnical Engineering, Digital Systems, Solid State Science, Electronics, and Electronics.

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