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Pakistani tanks bombed near Rajasthan border in desert of Thar



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  • Pakistani army doing exercises near Rajasthan border
  • Pakistani army tanks shelling heavily in Thar desert
  • Pakistan has also tested 4 missiles in 35 days

Pakistan is constantly increasing its military strength these days amid the ongoing tension along the border with India. A contingent of Pakistani army is performing a military maneuver named Jidar ul Hadith in the Thar Desert near the border with Rajasthan in India. The Propaganda Wing Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) of the Pakistani Army has described it as a preparation to improve combat skills in the desert. Please tell that within the last one month, the Pakistani Army has also tested 4 missiles.

Pakistan is constantly increasing its war preparedness
The exercise continues in the Thar Desert from January 28, with Karachi Corp of the Pakistani Army taking part. The Pakistan Army has said in its statement that the objective of this exercise is to test defensive preparedness in the desert area. Actually, Pakistan is very much afraid of the valor of the Indian Army. Pakistan fears that India may not make a surgical strike in any of its areas. Therefore, the groom is constantly strengthening his defense preparations.

Pakistan is conducting exercises near Rajasthan
Pakistan is maneuvering about 74 km ahead of Chor Cantonment. This area is very close to the Indian border with Rajasthan. The Kharrapar Munabao railway line also passes through this. Which connects India with Pakistan via rail route. In such a situation, India is also keeping an eye on this exercise of Pakistan so close to the Indian border.

Pakistan is doing maneuvers here

Pakistani army chief visits
Apart from tanks and cannon of the Pakistan Army, infantry unit personnel are also participating in this exercise. Pakistanis are also practicing cannon firing in the scorching heat of the desert. On 8 February, Pakistan Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa also visited the area and took stock of the exercise. The Pakistani army chief was also given a tour of the Kharian Garrison Cantonment area by Commander of the Central Command, Ft Gen Shaheen Mazhar Mehmood.

Pakistan fired 4 missiles in 35 days
These days the Pakistani Army is constantly trying out the power of missiles. On Thursday, the Pakistani Army’s Strategic Command tested a 450-km range Babar-1A cruise missile. This is the fourth missile of Pakistan since January 7 to test fire. Pakistan has earlier fired Fatah-1, Shaheen-3 and Haft-3 (Ghaznavi) missiles.