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Opinion: The battle of Jagadananda Vs Tejapratap is not new … from Raghuvansh to Purve …



Opinion: The battle of Jagadananda Vs Tejapratap is not new ... from Raghuvansh to Purve ...


  • What is the real reason for Tej Pratap’s displeasure with Jagadanand Singh?
  • After all, why is Tej Pratap on insulting Jagdanand Singh?
  • Prior to Jagadanand Singh, Poorve has also been called Tej Pratap.
  • Tegh Pratap has compared Raghuvansh Prasad Singh with ‘Ek Lota Pani’

In the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD), Tej Pratap Yadav wants to be a ‘kingmaker’ but if he looks at his profile, he is more ‘troublemaker’. This is the situation from family to politics. Even in personal life, they are not solved. The divorce case is still going on with his wife. If in Patna, news headlines are made due to disputes. Even in politics, he keeps abusing senior leaders of the party. First former president Ramchandra Purve was disgraced. It is now Jagadanand Singh’s turn.

‘Only afraid of his father Lalu Yadav’
At the ‘Unemployment Hatao Rally’ on 23 February 2020, Tej Pratap Yadav said that ‘he is afraid only of his father Lalu Yadav’. All senior leaders sitting on the stage were angered by Tejapratap Yadav’s statement. However, sensing the resentment, Tej Pratap had changed the maneuver. Then he said that ‘Apart from Lalu ji, Jagdanand is also very afraid of Uncle’s discipline’. A year ago, he said ‘right’ from a public forum. They have neither fear nor consideration. Those whom Lalu Prasad sits next to, who did not know how many nights Lalu Prasad would have spent in taking him to the CM’s chair, entered the office of him (Jagadanand Singh) and was respectful. Now even Tej Pratap Yadav has started thinking of himself as ‘bigger’ than Jagdanand Singh’s discipline.

Bihar Samachar: See how RJD state president Jagdanand Singh raged on Lalu’s fiery heart

Has Tej Pratap Yadav risen above ‘fear’?
In front of whom (Jagadanand Singh) grew up Tej Pratap. Those who are trusted by Lalu, Rabri and Tejashwi are also the presidents of their father’s party. But Tejapratap has risen ‘up’ from all these things. He has clearly said that ‘whatever I have to say, I say it on his mouth, whatever he may be.’ In politics, ‘fear’ does not work. It is about the commitment of ideas and profit and loss. Jagadanand Singh is tied to this. But Tejapratap neither understands nor wants to understand it.

Jagadanand Singh is known for his recoveries, only then has he campaigned against his son in 2010. Have had his son defeated in his own constituency. But Tej Pratap is not meant by all these things. He has to welcome his own state president to his own party office. Now how long Jagadanand Singh will tolerate it will have to wait. Tejapratap insisted on Jagada Babu that Lalu Prasad Yadav is ill due to people like these. When a friend’s son speaks in this way on a 46-year-old friendship, the heart has to be strong enough to bear. By the way, Jagdanand Singh, like a good politician, has described it as a domestic issue.

Ramachandra Purve has been accused before Jagadanand
Earlier too, Tej Pratap Yadav showed his bullying in the party and the organization. In 2018, Tej Pratap also trounced the then state president Ramchandra Poorve to make one of his loved ones the general secretary of the state. In June 2018, Ramchandra Poorve was accused of wanting to fight brother-in-law. Later, on the injury of Dunke, Tej Pratap had made Rajendra Paswan also the state general secretary of the party. Then Tej Pratap had openly called the then state president of the party Ramchandra Purave good and bad. It was then believed that Ramchandra Poorve was not made the state president for the fifth time due to a dispute with Tejapratap. In his place Jagadanand Singh was given the command of the State President.

Now Tej Pratap is ready to insult Jagadanand Singh. Ramachandra Purve, who was abused three years ago, is now praising him. It was earlier compared to Tej Pratap late Raghuvansh Prasad Singh on the question asked for ‘Ek Lota Pani’ but this time RJD state president Jagdanand Singh has come on his target.