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On the issue about which CM Hemant Soren opened a front, know about the Sarna Dharma Code.





  • Hemant Soren again mentioned the Sarna tribal religion code
  • Expected in meeting with PM – Government of India will consider it
  • CM Soren said- there should be separate column for tribal group in upcoming census
  • Know why the demand for Sarna Dharma Code is getting faster

Ravi Sinha, Ranchi
People from outside world see money in trees, mountains and land, but it is a divine form for tribal society. People of tribal society have been worshiping it for centuries and this belief has not diminished even today. Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren said something similar at the Harvard India Conference. He urged the central government that there should be a separate column for the tribal group in the upcoming census. The Chief Minister also referred to the proposal related to the demand for Sarna Adivasi Dharma Code in front of PM Modi in the meeting of NITI Aayog Governing Council.

Hemant Soren raised issue in meeting with Prime Minister
In a virtual meeting with the Prime Minister on Saturday, Chief Minister Hemant Soren told the Central Government that tribal society is a society whose civilization, culture and system are completely different. Demand has been kept for years to establish its place in the census regarding tribals. A proposal related to the demand for the state Sarna Adivasi Dharma Code has been passed by the Jharkhand Legislative Assembly. We hope that the Indian government will consider it sympathetically. After all, what does the Sarna Dharma Code say next…

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There was a separate religion column for the tribals
From 1871 to 1951, there was a separate religion column for the tribals. However, the Constituent Assembly removed the word tribal from the Constitution of India. During the debate in the Constituent Assembly at that time, the then MP Jaipal Singh Munda strongly opposed the word Scheduled Tribes instead of the word tribal. This time the column for others has also been removed in the census. They have to choose between Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Sikh and Jain, Parsi. This is why the demand for Sarna Dharma Code has increased.

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What is sarna dharma
A large section of the tribal community in Jharkhand, West Bengal, Odisha and Bihar consider themselves as followers of the Sarna religion. He prays for nature and believes in ‘water, forest, land’. They pray for trees and hills, believing in protecting forest areas. Jharkhand has 32 tribal groups, with eight particularly vulnerable tribal groups. Some of these also follow Hinduism, while some have converted to Christianity. He is believed to be deprived of ST reservation after the tribal community converts to Christian community, in which case he does not want to deny himself the benefit of reservation by demanding Sarna Dharma.

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Hemant Soren said- Tribals were never Hindus nor are they still Hindus
People of 32 types of tribal society residing in Jharkhand are known by different names and their religion is also different. In Sarna Dharma all natural wealth including trees, plants and mountains is worshiped. Due to this society having a large population in the state, they have a prominent place in the political, geographical, social and economic scenario of Jharkhand. At the same time, after the formation of a coalition government in Jharkhand under the leadership of Hemant Soren, the demand for a separate column for the tribal group in the census has started gaining momentum. This was also put up at the Harvard India Conference late on Saturday night. Hemant Soren claims that the tribals were never Hindus and not Hindus yet, their customs are different and they are nature worshipers.


Demand raised for separate column for tribal group in census
At the Harvard India Conference, Hemant Soren said that the policy for tribals is talked about, but the work is the opposite. The Tribal Council is a tribal ministry in the country. The Fifth and Sixth Schedule of the Constitution are empowered, but tribals are not benefiting from it. This is the reason why the state government urged the central government that there should be a separate column for the tribal group in the upcoming census. So that they can move forward by preserving their tradition and culture.

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The tribal community was suppressed for centuries
The Chief Minister said what is the status of the tribals. This is an important question. He is also an Adivasi and has reached the post of Chief Minister, but it was not easy. Despite the protection received in the constitution, tribals were not given place. They were suppressed for centuries. This is the mindset even today. Such a community is viewed with bad eyes. It is a matter of concern This is the reason why the government is providing an opportunity for tribal children to study in prestigious educational institutions abroad. The Government of India also operates such a scheme. But tribal children do not get the benefit of the scheme.