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Muzaffarpur: Two days, 5 people killed and one area … if not from poisonous liquor then …



Muzaffarpur: Two days, 5 people killed and one area ... if not from poisonous liquor then ...


  • Suspected death of 5 people in Muzaffarpur, Bihar
  • Suspicion of poisonous liquor in the entire case
  • But still no disclosure
  • Politics continues on Muzaffarpur poisonous liquor scandal

Kumar Raghunath, Muzaffarpur:
The case of death of 4 people of the same area in Muzaffarpur, Bihar, is now deepening. It is common to discuss that poisonous liquor killed all of them. But there is no confirmation of this from anywhere. Till now, the police is running the arrow of inquiry in this case. There are many questions to which the administration does not even know the answer.

The orgy of death started from the couple on Wednesday
The death toll started from Katra area of ​​Muzaffarpur on Wednesday. The resident of Dargah, Ramchandra Manjhi and his wife Manju Devi died on Wednesday at a gap of only four hours. Both were also cremated. On Thursday, the administrative department swung into action after the situation of several other people in the area came to light.

There was a discussion among the villagers that death was caused by drinking poisonous liquor. Also many other people are sick. But no one admitted to death by alcohol in the SSP’s inquiry. The police team led by the SSP also raided all the suspected targets but no evidence was found.

It is also being said that many people have also become ill, who are secretly getting their treatment. But so far no concrete information has been found about them. It is just a discussion.

One more person died on Friday
After this, another person of the area died on Friday under suspicious circumstances. The deceased was identified as Vinod Manjhi. On Friday, apart from Vinod Manjhi, the deaths of Ajay Manjhi and Sonal Kumar were also discussed in the area. However, the police could only recover Vinod’s body. The matter of cremation of the remaining two in a hurry was stolen in the area.

According to the villagers, the five dead whose names are being counted, they all used to do their business in one place. Half a dozen other villagers are also getting ill and secretly being treated. Here, in the post-mortem report of Vinod, the reason of death is not clear, many are facing hurdles in the FIR. Late in the evening, SSP Jayantkanth again went to Katra and investigated. At present, no arrest or action has been taken in this case.

The team of doctors admitted that death is not a disease
In-charge Civil Surgeon Doctor Harendra Alok has reached the spot with the medical team and investigated. He has admitted that no symptoms of any disease have been detected in the case of death of people. According to the family of the deceased, there were symptoms of headache, vomiting, loss of eyesight. In most such cases, these symptoms are believed to be caused by poisonous alcohol. According to sources, the police also suspect that the case is of poisonous liquor but there is no evidence in hand. From the police team to the dog squad is under investigation.
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Let us know that on Wednesday night on the information of the death of the couple from poisonous liquor, the team of excise department and SSP Jayant Kant reached Katra area. The authorities had reached the victim’s home and made inquiries, but the family members of the deceased had ruled out death from alcoholism, denying death by alcoholism.

If the case of poisonous liquor is not there then why is the policeman suspended?
There is also a question that if there is no screw in the case then why did the suspension fall. Actually, in this case, SSP Jayant Kant has suspended Katra Police Officer Sikander Kumar amid rumors of poisonous liquor. At the same time, Police Inspector Mithilesh Kumar Jha of Katra zone has been shifted to the line.

What does the police have to say?
SSP Jayant Kant said that the point of poisonous liquor is being observed at all points under Safety Norms and Guidelines. Investigation is also being done by the team of Dog Squad, so that further poisoning can be taken as a precautionary measure if poisonous liquor is reported from anywhere.

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politicsToo fast
In this case, the ruling NDA’s partner party HAM has opened the front. The party has directly demanded Chief Minister Nitish Kumar in this matter. Spokesperson Danish Rizwan has said that SP and local police should file a murder case in the district where the poisonous liquor incident occurs. The HAM alleges that the illegal liquor business is flourishing in connivance with police officials.

At the same time, RJD (RJD) MLA from Gaighat, Niranjan Rai also visited the affected area and met the victim’s family and took complete information. The RJD (RJD) MLA said that five people died due to poisonous liquor. The RJD MLA alleged that the district administration is working to suppress the case and threaten the family.
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At the same time, BJP’s Land Reforms and Revenue Minister Ram Surat Rai also visited the spot. He said that if people have died due to alcohol, then the FIR will be filed on whoever has hidden the evidence.