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Mosquitoes made Shivraj sleepy, Congress said- Even in medicine to kill mosquitoes …



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  • Mosquitoes fly Shivraj during a direct stay
  • Angry officers fell, Congress tightened
  • Congress said, there is corruption in mosquito killing medicine
  • Congress accuses, mosquitoes are getting dengue and malaria victims every day

Amid trouble with the flow of water from overhead tank and sleeping due to mosquitoes at the Circuit House during MP Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan’s stay in Sidhi district, Congress accused the BJP-led government of tightening up the mosquito killing drug Corruption is being done. Chief Minister Chauhan could not sleep properly during the stay in Sidhi district of the state due to water flowing from mosquitoes and overhead tank in the circuit house, due to which authorities suspended a sub engineer with immediate effect for gross negligence.

On this, the Congress lashed out at the state government and said that the state government is also doing corruption in spraying mosquito repellent and the spraying is so adulterated that even mosquito does not die from it. Congress spokesperson Narendra Saluja said that Shivraj ji, if you bite a mosquito, then the government officer-employee is suspended. Officer-employee suspended even if you get caught in the lift. He said that the poor people of the state are biting mosquitoes every day, sucking their blood every day, they are getting mosquito-borne diseases dengue-malaria and your health department is asleep.

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Sidhi District Magistrate Ravindra Kumar Chaudhary said that Sub Engineer Babulal Gupta was given the responsibility of taking care of the circuit house. If VVIP (Chief Minister Chauhan) had come, he (Gupta) should have seen it. Babulal Gupta was grossly negligent. So they are suspended. When asked if any other employee of the circuit house was suspended in this case apart from Gupta, he said no, it has not been done yet. The responsibility is yet to be determined.

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Sources said that on Wednesday night, Chief Minister Chauhan stayed at the circuit house in Sidhi and during this time water flowed from an overhead tank overflowing from 10:30 am to an hour, causing problems for him to stay there. He said that when the Chief Minister fell asleep, mosquitoes were buzzing in his room, which disturbed his sleep and possibly he was bitten by these mosquitoes. He said that around five o’clock in the morning the overhead water tank became empty and again a motor was run to pump water into the overhead tank. In the morning, the Chief Minister expressed his displeasure over the situation in the Circuit House, while Divisional Commissioner Rajesh Kumar Jain on Thursday suspended the acting Sub Engineer Babulal Gupta of the Circuit House.

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Chief Minister Chouhan met the families of the deceased in their homes in the bus accident in Sidhi district of the state on Tuesday to console them and came straight on Wednesday. State Congress media coordinator Saluja said that instead of spraying the mosquito repellent, the corruption of the paper is increased. What gets sprayed is so adulterated that even a mosquito does not die from it.

He claimed that poor people are getting stuck in the lift everyday in government hospitals and government offices of the state and no one is going to see. Saluja said that we hope that you must travel in the lift of these government hospitals and government offices and leave the Bhopal Chief Minister’s residence and go to the state for occasional rest, so that your poor public’s blood too Sucker can cope with these mosquitoes and you can suspend the responsibilities on the bite of these merciless mosquitoes. Significantly, 53 people died after a bus fell into a canal near Patna village, about 80 km from Sidhi district headquarters.