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Men’s work, but not men’s work: why does the stronger sex “invade” women’s ones …



Men's work, but not men's work: why does the stronger sex "invade" women's ones ...

There is a list of prohibited “non-female” professions, but are there any for men? The MK in Tver correspondent spoke with the stronger sex about professional tastes.

From January 1, 2020, the song “You are a sailor – I am a sailor” takes on a new meaning. The order of the Ministry of Labor came into force on the reduction of the list of prohibited professions for women, which was sequestered from 456 to a hundred. Now, if they wish, women can become a boatswain, a sailor, a skipper, drive a tractor, KAMAZ or a truck and do much of what was previously prohibited.

But the list of prohibited professions for men does not exist, but only formally. There is an unspoken list of jobs where we are used to seeing women and only them. For example, a manicurist, kindergarten teacher, secretary. You can continue the list of such conventionally “forbidden” professions for men yourself.

As Ksenia Sobchak correctly noted, “in the frantic struggle for gender equality, we miss important strokes to the portrait of our society. Now almost all attention is focused on women: forbidden professions, percentage in leadership positions, income level, etc. And what happens to men often remains out of sight. In vain! “Women’s” professions are often the same stereotype as “men’s” ones, and the fewer the stereotypes, the more opportunities. “

Let’s support Ksenia Anatolyevna, supporting her words in practice with facts and examples. So, here are three success stories of three men who have chosen their own special professional path.

Female doctor

We are gradually getting used to men in gynecology, also thanks to films and TV series. Yet most patients are accustomed to seeing women in the role of obstetrician or gynecologist.

The question of whether this is a male profession, our first hero was surprised. After all, abroad, and here in Tver, this stereotype is almost over. Professionalism and experience are important here.

Obstetrician-gynecologist-reproductologist Mohammed Al-Gozen was born in Syria, in the city of Damascus. Graduated from the Tver Medical Academy. We were lucky to get such a unique respondent, in fact, Dr. Mohammed became the first reproductive physician in Tver. He initiated the creation of a clinic for the treatment of infertility and in vitro fertilization in Tver, where the first IVF procedures in Tver were carried out.

He chose his profession while still at school, studying biology. As a schoolboy, Mohammed was very interested in genetics, and when he had to choose a profession, he decided that he had to help women.

And now it has been 20 years since Dr. Mohammed Al-Gozen treats infertility. True, not at home. To paraphrase the well-known proverb, where he studied, he came in handy there. Residents of the Upper Volga region became his patients. In 2004, the doctor defended his candidate’s dissertation in his specialization, and in 2008 – his doctoral dissertation.

Dr. Mohammed can consider several thousand children, who were born thanks to his talent, as “his”. On average, 300-400 children are born per year. The oldest, the first “daughter”, is already 16. It will take several more years, and the Syrian doctor will have the first Russian “grandchildren”.

– Often, when I get to a new place, I meet familiar faces, so I have my people everywhere! – our hero says with a smile.

photo: personal archive of the heroes of the publication

Beauty to the tips of your nails

Our next character wears a thick beard, has a short haircut and looks very brutal overall. Meanwhile, for 18 years now, Evgeny Komov has been a master of manicure.

The master has several educations, including higher economics and several secondary ones, including creative arts. He himself makes repairs, restores furniture and creates real works of art on nails.

Eugene says about his professional path:

– A friend complained that it was very expensive to build nails in the salon and offered to undergo training. And I always wanted to do something creative, but at the same time practically useful.

Pink skulls, flickering mica jacket, voluminous figures – clients come with different requests, something original is offered by the master himself.

Eugene, although a creative person, but, unlike some colleagues, is very easy and pleasant in communication, it seems, and this is also the secret of success. The manicurist is still a bit of a psychologist, almost two hours of time spent on the beauty of female hands, clients talk about their problems and leave always happy.

Kindness, openness, sense of humor – these qualities, in addition to skill, are noted by Eugene’s clients. The master loves animals, 4 cats, 2 dogs and three turtles found their shelter with him.

Hair waterfall

Our next man chose his profession as a child. Hairdresser-stylist Nikolai Golenkovsky believes that the secret of his success is love for his profession, he never gets tired of learning and trying something new. Clients leave excellent reviews about his work, calling him a master with golden hands.

– I was very lucky with a hairdresser, my first master, who cut my hair as a child, was a responsive person, and she inspired me to choose a profession. I remember the atmosphere of that barber shop, my curiosity and passion. Even in this choice, my sister supported me, it was on her hairstyle that I often experimented in childhood. And when the time came to choose, we made a draw, only my sister wrote one profession on all the pieces of paper from which I had to draw my fate!

Nikolai seems to be an enthusiastic person, and in any other sphere he simply cannot imagine himself. The profession of a hairdresser does not seem to him male or female, the main thing is that he likes it. With delight Nikolay told about how he participated in the Moscow competition “L’Oréal”. As a model, he was accompanied by Assol Vasilyeva, a TV presenter, model and wife of rapper Alexander ST.

One of the most grateful regular customers remains the spouse. A home hairdresser makes full use of his official position and offers his family a lot of different hair procedures.

photo: personal archive of the heroes of the publication

Death to mammoths!

And what does psychology say about the distribution of professions in accordance with gender stereotypes?

Elena Shemetkova, PhD in Psychology, an accredited and certified gestalt therapist, says:

– Sex and gender are different concepts, gender is a biological component, and gender is a feature of the psyche. The line between “male” and “female” professions has been blurred for a long time. A woman is not just a keeper of the family hearth, but a breadwinner who can do hard work. The modern world is pushing for a reassessment of values ​​and gender in work. Physically, men were stronger than women, but the development of technical progress and the automation of physical labor functions made them equal. You don’t need to run after the mammoth, you can buy it in the store, and you don’t need to carry it on yourself – the car will take you. In today’s world, where brute male power is not needed, female professions with social skills flourish. In addition, men stopped raising boys as descendants to whom they would pass on their life’s work. In general, children, regardless of gender, are raised more by women: kindergarten, school, circles – and this also affects the peculiarity of gender behavior. Probably, over time, this line will be erased, and men and women will do what brings them pleasure, regardless of stereotypes.

* * *

It seems that in the modern world, the strength of not only men in particular, but also the personality in general, lies in the courage to follow not stereotypes and the usual line of behavior, but their dreams. Do you remember the words of Gosha from the famous film “Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears”? “I prefer to do what I love in life. And not what is fashionable, prestigious or appropriate. “

PS: And I would like to end the article with the slogan of the film “Hidden Figures”: “Genius has no race. Power has no gender. Courage has no boundaries. “