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Major change in Delhi Police: DCP of North-East district replaced after one year of riots …



Big change in Delhi Police: 16 officers including DCP, 13 IPS in North-East district changed after one year of riots

In place of Ved Prakash Surya, DCP of North East Delhi district has been appointed for two years junior to him and Sanjay Sen, a 2011 batch IPS officer, who was Additional DCP in Shahdara district till now. According to the transfer list, a total of 3 District DCPs have been transferred in Delhi.

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better late than never. Just one year later, on Tuesday, the government transferred 16 officers, including the district DCP, who allegedly played a role in the riots in north-east Delhi last year. The names of 16 officers are in the transfer list, out of which 13 are IPS officers while 3 are DANIPS (Delhi, Andaman and Nicobar Island Police Service) ie (DANIPS) police officers.

The heavy transfer list also includes many officers who have returned to Delhi after completing postings from the Union Territories outside Delhi. DCPs of 3 districts are also included in the transfer list. According to the transfer list present with TV9 Bharatvarsha, 2009 batch IPS Ved Prakash Surya has been holding the post of North-East District DCP for a long time. Even last year (23 February 2020) when the north-eastern district was badly burnt in the riots. 53 people including brave policeman Havildar Ratan Lal of Delhi Police and Ankit Sharma, a young officer of the Indian Intelligence Agency, were killed to death. At that time, even in such a big uproar, District DCP Ved Prakash Surya could not be seen shaking from his chair.

Usually, the state and district police chief’s neck is first measured if he fails to control such a big riot. However, in those riots, silent spectators and tamashiban-like alphabets were awarded on behalf of the people. After being beaten by the police in the Tis Hazari court case, they were allegedly kept hostage all day at Delhi Police Headquarters on behalf of their own policemen! Amulya Patnaik, the then Commissioner of Police, was on a one-month extension when riots broke out in North East Delhi district.

While going from the chair of the commissioner, for the rest of his life, he had gone to the forehead only by getting vaccinated for the stigma of Delhi riots. The Hindustani government, which was reeling under the heat of the Delhi riots, gave SN Srivastava (present police commissioner), who was brought back to Delhi Police by special commissioner from CRPF, the responsibility of controlling the riots and rioters as soon as Amulya Patnaik left. Despite all that tamasha and cancellation, DCP North East was the only Ved Prakash Surya who managed to save his own chair.

The issue of transfer of DCP was suppressed in the riots

Just as in those dreaded riots, Ved Prakash Surya, who remained safe in the chair of DCP, has been removed after one year. Meaning, Vedprakash Surya has been removed from the post of DCP on Tuesday, 23 February 2021, ie, on 23 February 2020, in the North East Delhi district (Jafarabad, Seelampur riot). DCP Ved Prakash Surya has been removed from important postings like district and sent to Rashtrapati Bhavan. The same Rashtrapati Bhavan where the posting in Delhi Police has usually been known as Tough or Allegedly Dry-Dry!

In place of Ved Prakash Surya, DCP of North East Delhi district has been appointed for two years junior to him and Sanjay Sen, a 2011 batch IPS officer, who was Additional DCP in Shahdara district till now. According to the transfer list, a total of 3 District DCPs have been transferred in Delhi. Among these, Rohini is DCP PK Mishra transferred out of Delhi (Arunachal). In place of Rohini District DCP vacant, IPS Pranav Tayal of 2011 batch has been appointed. Pranav Tayal was the additional DCP-1 in the South Eastern District till now. While 2009 batch IPS R Satyasundaram has returned to Delhi from the posting of Mizoram. He has been made DCP Shahdara of the third district in Delhi Police. Shahdara district DCP post was vacant recently.

Geeta Rani Verma becomes additional CP

Kime Kameng, a 2003 batch IPS officer, has returned to Delhi from Arunachal Pradesh. He has been appointed as Joint Commissioner of Delhi Police Security Wing, while till now the Principal of Wazirabad Police Training School has been promoted to Joint CP Training by promotion of 2003 batch IPS with Norbu Mosobi (Sang Norbu Mosobi). IPS Hibu Tamang of 2004 batch has been made Additional CP Personal from Additional CP Security. IPS Romil Baniya of 2007 batch has been made the additional CP of Delhi Police Armed after his return from Arunachal.

Geeta Rani Verma, a 2007 batch woman IPS, has been made Additional Police Commissioner after her promotion from DCP in SPUWAC. Priyanka Kashyap, a 2009 batch woman IPS officer who returned from Mizoram, has been posted as DCP P&L (Provision and Logistics), while the 2011 batch IPS Guguloth Amrutha (Guguloth Amrutha) returned to Delhi from Andaman Nicobar will be Additional DCP Shahdara. Surendra Chaudhary, a 2013 batch IPS officer who was engaged in DCP traffic till now, will now be Additional DCP-1 South East District. In place of him, DCP traffic has been sent to Vikram Singh of 2014 batch. Vikram Singh has recently returned from Mizoram to Delhi.

Dangerous district receives strong Anita Rai

Apart from this, Anita Rai, a 2001 woman police officer of DANIPS service, has been removed from DCP Security and made Additional DCP North Eastern District, which is a very sensitive and important post. This district, which has been burnt in the fire of riots, has got both the additional DCP and DCP, while the 2004 batch Danips officer of DCP Rashtrapati Bhavan, Vineet Kumar, will now be the additional DCP-1 East Delhi. The name of Dabok Danips officer of 2010 batch Alok Kumar is also included in this heavy transfer list.

That’s why special light did not go away from “Cell”

Alok Kumar was actually posted in the Special Cell of Delhi Police as Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP). Alok Kumar, who is considered a mastermind in investigating criminals rich in network and without any noise, has recently been promoted to the post of Additional DCP. Alok Kumar, posted in Delhi Police Special Cell (Southern Zone), was already hot in the way of discussions that the Delhi Police chief or government would make a mistake to remove him from the cell. It also happened that after promotion, Alok Kumar was kept in the same special cell where he was posted. Generally, transfer along with promotion is considered fixed in the police department.

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