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Madhya Pradesh: Christian principal accused of teacher forced to convert, no …



Madhya Pradesh: Christian principal accused of teacher forced to convert, did not give salary for 7 months

2016 is working as a librarian at Sacred Heart Convent School, there was no problem before, since Sister Bhagya became the school principal, she has been tortured in every way.

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In Khajuraho, Chhatarpur, a female teacher of a private school has made serious allegations against the principal of the school, that the principal has forced her to convert to Christianity including her family and her salary has been withheld. Not only this, he is also being lured for conversion, which he has complained to the police station with the help of Hindu organization. At the same time, the accused principal has accused his colleagues of negligence and arbitrariness. Police has registered a case in this case and started investigation.

Teacher accused the principal

Ruby Singh, a female teacher at Khajuraho police station, has given a written application accusing the principal of Sacred Heart Convent School of making her pressurize. The victim’s woman alleges that she is working at the Sacred Heart Convent School for the post of 2016 Librarian, there was no problem before, she has been tortured in every way since Sister Bhagya became the school principal. For the last 7 months, salary is not being given intentionally. The principal knows that my financial situation is not good and I cannot handle economic pressure for a long time, so she is pressurizing me to convert.

Principal said allegations are baseless

Describing the entire matter as baseless, the school principal Bhagya himself has accused Rubi Singh of not giving the necessary documents for the work style and job to the school. Sister said that Ruby Singh has been hired in the school without documentation. If Ruby Singh did not come to school from August to January, only the January salary has been stopped by the school management. On February 10, there was a ruckus at the school gate on the same issue. Ruby Singh could not reach inside due to the lock on the school gate.

The principal had already given a written application to Khajuraho police station, SDM and SDOP on February 17, demanding their protection. Sister alleges that Ruby Singh has given a false application for conversion to Khajuraho police station.

Case filed against principal

After the matter came to light, Hindu organizations have reacted very strongly to this matter. At the same time, the police has registered a case on the complaint of the female teacher in the whole case. Khajuraho police station in-charge Sandeep Khare says that prima facie a case has been registered under the Religious Freedom Act of Madhya Pradesh. Now the matter is being investigated.

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